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Bo D Meeting 12-12-2015

Meeting started at: December 12th 2015 17.30 CET

Participants: amnesiac84, girandoliere, sammiekong, wind, duesseldorf

Present online: amnesiac84, girandoliere, sammiekong, wind, duesseldorf


Mail server / OTRS

  • almost everything (OTRS) seems to be solved ( except for some bouncing reminder)
  • administrative e-mail account for signup notifications
    • The signup notification will be sent to an our server
  • We'll not force volunteers to change e-mail addresses, but can request it when the accounts accumulate problems with bouncing mails

Seek the Pig

  • wind will establish the contact between organizers and Communication Team
  • action pinned post in the main forum
  • action Mention it into community news
  • action Invitation to send an application for BeActive
  • Communication Team will help spreading the voice about the activity

Suggestion Team

  • Building the Suggestion team, how to find additional members?
  • How should the ranking by the BoD work, how can we proceed in this?
  • What is the behavior between old approved suggestions and new suggestions?
  • Does the ranking of priorities include old suggestions or not?
  • wind will try to find members for this team

Reports from BoD members

Report from executive

  • official documents have been sent to French authorities and bank as a consequence (like every year) the bank cancelled our access, waiting for acknowledging new BoD

Communication Team

  • Duesseldorf translated ToU in German
  • Duesseldorf working on the Newsletter (amnesiac84 to send it)
  • Duesseldorf answered questions of students for bachelor thesis

Volunteer Coordination

  • girandoliere and wind asked all teams to create an overview about needs, requests, members, link for BoD and documentation.
  • girandoliere and wind are defining the current priorities
  • girandoliere start the work to restabilish a productive communication with all team's link
  • girandoliere and wind start to update Help BewElcome
  • girandoliere start the coordination with Volunteer Recruiting for move forward and orienting new potential volunteers.


  • amnesiac84 spent time on redesigning (and documenting the processes)
  • updated wiki pages around GA and BoD
  • dealing administration rights on BeVolunteer.org
  • Write the community news


  • dealing with bureaucracy around bank and payment accounts
  • contact with seek the pig organisers
  • started the donation campaign (strategically before Christmas)

Volunteer Recruiter

  • Focus to find volunteers for the Support team (girandoliere) and Suggestion team (wind)

BoD goals (still under discussion of the BoD)

  • New ToU in place
  • Proposition for the change of the Statutes
  • Working phone number for BeVolunteer
  • Have at least 10 regular meetings with at least 3 members joining each meeting
  • Announce meetings at least 1 week ahead in the community
  • Prepare the GA and its binding documents (statements, etc.Annual Report)
  • BoD taking the lead in collecting and prioritising previous suggestions
  • Ask every team at least twice time for year during the period on the current status of the team
  • Introduce every new member to the other BV members
  • Have an overview of every Team of Bw ( link, members, needs, issue, documentation of WoW and Mentoring)
  • Take a care/solve at least one (during a year) of the team's need
  • Build a productive communication between BoD and Teams
  • Add/Orient at least 5 new volunteers to Teams in 1 year.
  • "start" and move forward Suggestion Team
  • Have cloud storage
  • Have Etherpad
  • Have at least 5 BeWelcome members signup for BeVolunteer
  • Support/promote activities for at least 2 BW event in 2016
  • 2 new sysadmins (minimum 1 involved in day-to-day business, so he could theoretically take over)
  • 2 new developers (minimum 1 involved in day-to-day business, so he could theoretically take over)

Statues / Legal Team

Prepare the Statutes for the next GA

  • make a proposal
  • make clear in BV group, what has to be included (what about BoD steering BW, is it needed?)
  • second step: workgroup (in progress)
  • check back with lawyer
  • how does it work with the French authorities
  • present the almost final version to BV
  • vote in the next GA in November 2016

Legal Team

  • no priority at this moment

Cooperation with Sustainable Couch

  • duesseldorf will draft a message and send the draft to bod
  • no realistic cooperation thinkable at this moment, other than mentioning in the newsletters

Open topics

  • Hackathon (in Berlin)
  • Google for non profits
  • Questionnaire Volunteers
  • Private / Public meetings

next BoD Meeting

Private Meeting ended: 20:45

Public IRC chat started: 20:45

Public IRC chat ended: approx 22:30