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Bo D Meeting 10-04-2016

Meeting started at: April 10 2016 12:00 CET

Participants:amnesiac84, duesseldorf, girandoliere, wind


Approval of last report

March Meeting unanimously approved

BeVolunteer members

  • sent reminder to potential member - in progress
  • a new NDA received
  • other member in progress

Updates by BoD-members


  • attended Seek the Pig weekend, cycling backpacks given to organizers in Lyon and Seek the Duck Toulouse, took photos and filmed some videos - will upload them in the coming week to a dropbox as there is no private cloud storage of BW (yet)
  • English speaking volunteer group opened: English native speaker
  • answered cooperation request for hosting parents/relatives of cancer patients in Seattle
  • Bild der Frau article


  • travelling most of the time
  • OVH - bewelco.me transfer
  • financial report


  • Redesign (low activity)
  • Sending the Newsletter
  • E-mail addresses for the BoD
  • Community news
  • Received 2 NDA's
  • Support Team: bounces on ToU-notification and Newsletter + admin stuff
  • Ad on idealist.org
  • Sent 3 bags
  • Documentation of changing official documents
  • Spam


  • Interview with Team: editing the video 2 interviews wih a 2 volunteer
  • Support Team: after a brainstorming with previous coordinators, i'm still working closely with team's members for define stuffs
  • Update from Teams: 2 new vol for Support Team+1 new vol for NMBW.
  • Secretary stuffs ( agenda+forum announce of the meeting)


Terms of Use change

review and process documentation: there is a protocol now. task: add a timeframe about the several steps

Support Team

  • girandoliere and amnesiac84 temporarly take over the tasks of the coordinators with fhina support for some tasks untill next General Assembly 2016.

New Server

  • expected date: April
  • amnesiac84 will send e-mail to system admins + Dev Team about the new server and will inform BoD asap

Policy on spam detection

Small investigation about the possible solutions ( timeframe, tech aspects, advantages and disvantages)

Communication of the Event and BeActive application

Announces of the Event: Newsletter, Community News, Local Newsletter for groups duesseldorf will write to the organizers for asking the text for Community News. Also might be an application for BeActive.

BeWelcome Video Promoting

  • duessendorf will contact Tgoorden regarding the Vimeo Account for start using it.
  • girandoliere start to build an idea for promote BeWelcome when he's traveling.

Collecting Picture from General Assembly and BW Event

The idea is to start to collect pictures made in several General Assemblies and events.These pictures can be upload in the special page on BeVolunteer but also used (wih the people's ok) also for promotion. So the task is to contact every host of previous activites, ask them pictures and collect them.

General Assembly 2016

Task: write to BV group and set a framedate( all of weekend of October, November, December). Who: duesseldorf

Deceased members

the BoD is not sure how to proceed. Maybe ask to Safety Team or BV members if there any proposals about this topic.

Active/Not Active Members

There are about 2400 members with the status 'active' who have never logged in. The problem lays in the fact that apparently they did not receive a yearly login reminder (their status is not adjusted) and therefore they are shown in the search results like active members. As they have never logged in, their profiles are all empty. This doesn't look good when looking for a host.Right now there are two proposals about how to handle this issue.

  • Proposal 1:- send every one of them an e-mail: it may activate some of them, but there may be some bounces as well (more work for system admin/developer and slower due to tickets in OTRS)
  • Proposal 2:set the status of them to suspended: if they ever want to login they are requested to send support a mail. They will not be found by members, so no one gets an e-mail 'accidentally'. This will go much quicker and can be done by more people (also activate some spam-checkers(?)).

the whole BoD agree on proposal 2.

next public BoD Meeting

May Meeting

Private Meeting ended: 15.00 CET

Public IRC chat started: 15.17 CET

Public IRC chat ended: CET