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Bo D Meeting 06-03-2016

Meeting started at: March 6 2016 12:03 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, girandoliere, sammiekong, wind


Approval of last report

February Meeting Approved

BeVolunteer members

not new application

Updates BoD-members


from now on support for official communication should not be a problem for this and future BoDs

  • will take care of creating an English native speakers teams to support the BoD within the upcoming weeks

""Task"": will draft personals messages for "tester + IT-tester" recruiting


  • treasurer things
  • OVH - transfer of bewelco.me to our account started
  • financial reports are going to be checked

""Task"": will get in touch with new BV applicant to finish the process


  • public email address going into OTRS created and tested
  • completed sign-up at idealist.org - drafted a text
  • community news: interview with volunteer, support team, donation goal reached


  • stay in close contact with Support Team and NMBW
  • collect and organize the volunteer's interviews
  • sent message to teams about BoD idea ( Etherpad and Cloud) and the expected timeframe.
  • draft of video interview with Ffred. still try to find a way (checking with tech people) to share with other BoD members


  • volunteers recruiting progress

Terms of Use change

Short discussion about how to display which language version (English, French)

Support Team

Problem: The support team will soon be without coordinator. There's no one volunteering for the role of coordinator.

amnesiac84 and girandoliere are working on the issue and contact the Team to find a solution together.

New Server

  • expected date: April

Seek the Duck

One of the organizers wrote to BoD asking a permission to post in several groups to promote the event. Also there are some idea for help the organizer to spread the word about the event. ""Task"": answering to organizer ""Who"": sammiekong will get contact with Mods and then write to organizer the BoD's answer.

Policy on spam detection

Due to lack of information (tech aspects and difficulties) it was not possible to take any decision. The BoD will research further about advantages and effort for several solutions.

Timeframe Community News

Proposal: The Newsletter is already drafted and will published earlier than initially planned to include the Seek the Pig invitation. The goal is to send it 18th March. Approved by whole BoD

Cooperation request

  • titbit.com sent a long message suggesting a cooperation. Does BeWelcome want to include this app-service to raise donations?

https://tibit.com/faq/ The BoD unanimosly rejected the request. who: answer by http:///www.bewelcome.org/members/duesseldorf

Action on in Trello

  • archive 'Done' cards

who: http:///www.bewelcome.org/members/girandoliere

next public BoD Meeting

April Meeting

Private Meeting ended: 14.26CET

Public IRC chat started: 14.30 CET

Public IRC chat ended: 16.00 CET