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volunteer cafe

This page will be the main overview about coming and past volunteer cafes. Volunteer cafes are a online chat meeting were current volunteers might show up and interested future volunteers are able ask questions or simple get to know each other ;-)


  • Starting 1 January 2015, 00:00 --> 31 January 2015 this may be THE biggest volunteer recruitment drive in BEWELCOME history... Get involved in the January Bewelcome Volunteer Overdrive madness. Send your email to claudia or amnesiac84 click here to chat with us
  • 1 February -- 31 December: if we have discovered latent volunteer potential let us put it to good use over the coming year! click here to chat with us



IRC clients

There was a question regarding other options to IRC web client we linked here.

Check out this Wikipedia article: Comparison of IRC clients

Simply choose one and join us in the channel #bewelcomevolunteercafe.