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Vienna is the capital of Austria.

According to the Mercer 2012 Quality of Living survey Vienna offers the top quality of living in the world.


Vienna is structured in a fairly logical way.

The centre of Vienna is the First District (Innere Stadt, "Inner City"), encircled by the Ringstrasse ("ring street" metro lines U2 and U4, tram lines 1 and 2), which has different names at different parts, like Schottenring or Parkring, but always ends with -ring. Most of the main tourist sights are in this area (e.g. St. Stephan's cathedral, the Opera, the Hofburg, the Parliament building, the Town Hall, the University and the Votiv church).

Important streets run out from the centre, numbers of houses increasing the further you get away from the centre. The Guertel ("belt", metro line u6 and tram lines 6 and 18) is the main street that encircles the inner districts from 1st to 9th with the exception of the 2nd. Westbahnhof and Suedbahnhof (main stations for long distance trains) are along the Guertel. The Guertel, like the Ring, has different names in different sections (e.g. Mariahilfer Guertel, Lerchenfelder Guertel). In all streets that run parallel to Guertel and Ring, houses are numbered increasing clockwise.

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