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Bo D Meeting 16-10-2016

Meeting started at: October 20th 2016 20.00 CET. Partecipants: duesseldorf, wind, sammiekong, amnesiac84,girandoliere (joined 20:20) Guests:mountx, polyglot, fhina (joined 20:20)


Approval of last report

September Meeting. Approved by whole BoD

BeVolunteer members

no application

Updates by BoD-members


  • attended "In Cod we Trust" weekend in Marseille
  • answered tickets for safety team and media team + Spanish tickets
  • was interviewed and had a photoshooting by a German journalist for Change Magazin


  • Annual report
  • BV member list update
  • Support Team text for annual report+Worked on some tickets
  • Anti-spam
  • Google Adwords
  • Redesign
  • Changing R&R


  • OTRS/Support Team: handled some tickets
  • NMBW: extraordinary greetings in spanish+reminder to artep about the report
  • GA: sent personal reminders to some potential attenders+collect financial document
  • Mentorship:after first enthusiasm from some members there was a dicrease of interest
  • Recruiting Volunteers: some new potential volunteers are approached. In progress


  • communication with DEHOGA, german hotel association
  • statutes and rules and regulations
  • contacting BV members
  • added one bitcoin donation to the list, one paypal donation was issued back
  • discussions with subaculture
  • IFISO - informal forum of international student organisations (like AEGEE, Board of European Students of Technology, Erasmus Students Network and around 20 more)


  • contacted volunteers for maintaining and invited members to present candidacy for BoD in GA (brandchrist)
  • look for potential vounteers
  • contacted some silent BV members

General Assembly

Preparation for GA

take a look and update about the legal role checklist:

task:it's responsability to all BoD member check the guideline and update if needed.

Annual Report

Teams situations

  • NMBW: girandoliere: Already asked to the coordinator, but i will post on the group
  • Support (in progress),
  • Mods (asked),
  • Translation: task for coordinators:sammiekong and pauloaguia
  • Safety:made the first internal draft (in progress)
  • Communication made first internal draft
  • Design: [User:amnesiac84: will write this part
  • Development:in progress
  • System Admins: amnesiac84:will remind the report to coordinator
  • Ombudsman
  • Suggestions from this BoD to the next one:Goals for BoD

Financial Report

wind is working on it.

Agenda for the GA

  • When do we start online discussions?

Decision October 28th (Friday)-November 4th (Friday)

  • Who posts them?

Decision:amnesiac84 backup wind

  • Do we post them in the BeVolunteer group or the GA2016 group?

Decision : we post on BeVolunteer group

  • GA moderation: the secretary is fine to take this task, but the BoD likes to ask, at the beginning at GA, if someone can volunteering for it.

Priorising the Suggestions

The BoD read with much attention the previous approved suggestions: here. After a long discussion the BoD decided to write his top ten list in the annual report as a suggestion for next BoD.

The meeting ends at 23.39

Next Meeting: see you personally or online at General Assembly 2016