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Bo D Meeting 04.03.2010

Meeting started at: 04.03.2010: 19:00 - GMT

Moderator: Tgoorden

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves jilrev Tgoorden

Not present: demorganna - due to bad internet connection


'Next Newsletter'

  • NL to be published around the end of March
  • Content finished by 15th
  • Topics
    • Tgoorden follows up on his call to activity and talks about our work in progress with Servas
    • dusseldorf writes a teaser about hospex book soon to come out in Germany
    • New profile page layout (credits: Matthias)
    • Latest volunteering possibilities
    • Succesful refund of loan granted by member Pierre-Charles

'BW-Servas cooperation'

  • BoD agrees with documents created by Tgoorden in cooperation with Servas regarding the vision for this pilot project
  • The process will be spread over time and the character of the cooperation might change in the future
  • We might need to work with country after country Servas organizations
  • Technical cooperation will also be a sensitive point
  • Next step: organize live meeting


  • In our account: 1629,53 EUR
  • To be paid: 927,05 EUR
  • Left: 702,48 EUR
  • Money enough for a few more months

Meeting ended at: 04.03.2010 20:22 GMT

approved by tgoorden - Fri, 05 Mar 10 10:58:24 +0000 kiwiflave - Fri, 05 Mar 10 11:16:37 +0000