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Meeting started at 20:04 CET

Moderator : Claudia

Participants : Frank, Pierre-Charles, Gerrit, Claudia, Jonas, Hannu, Marco, partly Matthias

Absent : Jean-Yves,

1. Preliminaries

a) Moderator for next meeting : Jonas

b) approval of last report

2. Matthias wants to leave the BoD

Matthias informed us about his lack of interest in discussions and politics that resulted in his decision to leave the BoD. He assured us that he would still support HCvol as a ?Äònormal?Äô member.

3. Status Report

a) PC : check legal validity of restricting votes on 18+19 for members before they have been linked to HCvol for 12 months

According to Pierre-Charles there should not be a problem provided we are a bit careful with the wording. Jean-Yves had investigated about storing passport copies and got the information that we can check passports (also copies) but cannot store them. So please, change the internal Rules and the Statutes accordingly.

b) Message to Hcvol forum people (potential new members)

The message has been approved and is to be sent out as soon as we are clear about the statutes and the Internal Rules. The points mentioned in 3 a) have to be integrated and we have to discuss whether to keep any reference to the Hospitality Club at all. This topic is to be discussed on the forum and in the next BoD meeting. The problem is a) to base a legal entity on something without any legal status and b) the connection that especially new members will still have with HC.

c) Decision making in BoD : debate on the 2 polls (Gerrit)

There is still a lot of confusion as to how to treat blank votes and also about the terminology, so the actual majorities required have not been discussed yet.

d) Valmi's request: additional status to enable non-members to cooperate with us

General agreement not to introduce any other status.

e) JY : news about server JY sent a mail about the server issue, but it was decided to leave the issue to be discussed by the programmers first of all.

f) news from the redesign

Matthias informed us that Micha?Äôs redesign has been approved for HC at the Hamburg meeting recently. So it looks as if our preferred option to get exclusive rights for the redesign is not available. It is to be discussed whether we want to use the same design as HC, whether we want to use it but change it or whether we need a new redesign now.

3. Status report on our real-world-meeting 17-19.11.06

a) Heidelberg Ok (if not Brussels)?

The Unitas house in Heidelberg is not available, but having the meeting in Brussels /Grimbergen at Frank?Äôs place would mean that Marco and Hannu could not attend. Thus we are looking for alternatives in Heidelberg and Mannheim. We might use a public bar with Internet and stay with several hosts. Not perfect, but at least everybody could attend (except Pierre-Charles?).

b) guests (Philipp Lange, Irina?)

Since Jean-Yves was not present to explain why he suggested to invite guests, we decided to postpone this topic to next week?Äôs meeting.

4. Week Action Plan

a) check and change the Internal Rules and Statutes (everybody, Pierre-Charles?)

b) gather arguments on taking out references to HC and providing alternative wording (Gerrit) follow this (everybody)

c) collect information on majorities polls and decision-making on the forum and set a poll for illustration (Gerrit) follow this (everybody)

d) check on the forum for the thread on different access to the HCvol Wiki (everybody)

e) real world meeting: Check out alternative possibilities in Heidelberg /Mannheim, eg. Call http://www.el-dry.de/ (Gerrit, Hannu, Claudia)

5. Other Topics We agreed to remove the membership status of ?ÄòHonorary Members?Äô from the Statutes.

Meeting ended at 00:10 CET