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moved to 12.9.07

Meeting started at: 20h00 CET

Moderator: Frank

Participants: Peter, Pierre-Charles, Frank, Irina, Jean-Yves, Florian

Absent without notification:

Absent with notification: Claudia, Micha, Marco


  • 1 approval of last report:

in charge of approving this report: Florian, Peter

  • 2 next moderator:
  • 3 pending applications: see forum
  • 4 Status report
    • renaming statutes / contact Hannu and/or Kaspar (Peter) - Pending, but in progress
    • get in touch with lemonhead, Kaspar and Hannu about the future of Wiki admin (PEter) - contacted, waiting for reaction
    • notify the (few) members of our changed spam policy and change settings (Irina, Jean-Yves)- DONE
    • put up a list with BV accounts used and their details in BoD forum (Marco) - POSTPONED
    • check out Joomla for a better solution as to storing documents etc. (Micha)- DONE
    • mail / newsletter about skype meeting, set up thread for suggestions for agenda (Forian DONE, Frank DONE)
    • starting forum thread on procedure to create official BV accounts (Claudia)- DONE
  • 5 status of Joomla and further evaluation
    • We are waiting for the bank account so we can start accepting donations
    • The creation of a Pay Pal account is necessary
    • Cividonations should be ready for use
  • 6 finalizing discussion about routine for creating official BV accounts with other organizations - will be continued next meeting
  • 7 communication with and about Sofware Development Team
    • encourage appointing a second coordinator
    • have more live meetings and some communication towards the BoD
      • BoD should be included in SD mailing list
      • task list about who is doing what / what the progress is etc
  • 8 report about skype meeting
    • 22 participants
    • positive, but next time maybe together with a "news" event
  • 9 Other
    • ESN : Set up a meeting in Brussels
    • Wikivoyage : we need to check whether a collaboration would be interesting (replacing our travelguide)
    • Nigerian spam : need to brainstorm on the forum about how to handle this threat
  • Week Action plan
    • send out a mail to missing BoD members about the pending application in the forum (Frank)
    • prepare a small note for modification of the Internal Rules concerning membership in other BV projects (PC)
    • put up a list with BV accounts used and their details in BoD forum (Marco)
    • renaming statutes / contact Hannu and/or Kaspar (Peter)
    • prepare Joomla for donations (Florian)
    • finalize bank account and create Pay Pal account (JY)
    • starting forum thread on procedure concerning BV representation in other networks
    • contact Philipp to see how to improve communication with SD team (Frank)
    • post in the forum about collaboration with Wikivoyage (Florian)

Meeting ended at: 22h40 CET

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Approved by (include ) Kiwiflave 18:14, 11 October 2007 (UTC)