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This meeting was canceled (it's a bit crazy to try to do a BoD meeting on January First , isn't it) ?

January 29th it was...

Meeting started at: 20:30

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Jean-Yves, Thomas

Absent without notification:

Absent with notification: Pierre-Charles


  1. approval of last report: yes <br />in charge of approving this report: Frank
  2. next moderator: Claudia (?)
  3. pending applications: none
  4. Status report
    1. prepare CNIL declaration (Alban / jilrev - Jean-Yves to ask back) Pending
    2. write a wiki documentation for the treasurer (Jean-Yves) Pending
    3. post about new poll (mandatory address) in BW forum thread and ask people to join in a task force to set up this new poll (Claudia)DONE: http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s588<br /> so far only Julien and Jean-Yves are in the task force, there is a poll tool on test already (http://test.bewelcome.org/polls), but guidelines need to be worked on: http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/Guidelines_for_member_empowerment_in_BeWelcome http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/BeWelcome_poll_tool
    4. contact Florian about newsletter and media (Claudia)DONE<br /> Florian is fine with being in charge of newsletters, but he can't be contact person for media
  5. Newsletter
    1. information about poll tool and invitation to join task force
    2. reminder / active / inactive members
    3. how to get active / contribute / help out (Thomas)
    4. BV GA and BW meeting accompanying it - ask for help and suggestions / locations / sponsoring (?) etc.
    5. thank for donation(s)
    6. esperanto version of BW (other new languages? --> Irina)
    7. book(s) about hospex
  6. Finances
    1. we need 780 by March to be able to change to a better and cheaper server
  7. next GA
    1. no suggestions yet for date and place
  8. next Volunteer Caf?©
    1. topics:
      1. local volunteers - how to move on?
      2. ideas for newsletter
    2. date: to be checked with Fabian
    3. preparation needed?
  9. Other
  10. Week Action plan
    1. prepare CNIL declaration (Alban / jilrev - Jean-Yves to ask back)
    2. write a wiki documentation for the treasurer (Jean-Yves)
    3. contact Matthias about spam in OTRS (Claudia)
    4. contact Florian to check out material for a new newsletter (Jean-Yves)
    5. write: how to get active / contribute / help out (Thomas)
    6. check with Fabian for date for volunteer caf?© (Claudia)

Meeting ended at: 22:20

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