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Project at an institution of art and culture in palopo, south sulawesi, Indonesia.

Help me to raise awareness of my local culture and teach children English. Experience living in a tribal community to share the story of their culture and traditional way of life. Luwu land, south sulawesi, has many different ethnic cultures that all differ to one another. You can see and learn about different forms of art and culture by living in the traditional village, which has a view of the beautiful natural scenery and traditional tribal-style small celebrations.

When you have time off, you can explore by cycle, exploring the surrounding area to enjoy the natural scenery.and drinking traditional drink from palm fermentation, having fun with local people and nature. When the weekend comes, we can go the mountains,to camp, adventure,beaches, waterfalls, rivers very natural and very good for bathing while swimming, or other exotic places. and drinking traditional drink from palm fermentation, having fun with local people and nature. You will be feel like celebrity in this village.

Our wish is that the volunteers are happy to contribute to the project � the ideas they bring, The working day starts when you are ready (after coffee and breakfast) and goes until you have finished your project (which may take days that's ok too) . When it�s too hot � a swim in the river is always fun and cools you down.

The project is going on the whole day while taking turns and with a lot of small coffee breaks. At the moment all meals are shared.

We are preparing and eating the food together as well as going to the local market to buy the ingredients, which is a nice trip! The preparation of the food is a great chance to learn the Indonesian cooking methods. Eventually we hope to feed everyone from the garden but we are still in seeding phase.

If you have any gardening knowledge to share or seeds that will grow in tropical climates (summer crops) please bring them along. We would love to grow an international garden!

You can start your daily work whenever you wake up even though we might be still sleeping because we are working on organisation and art projects in the night. We are all working 5 hours per day and have two days off per week. Besides the work we go camping, fishing, swimming and do whatever we feel like If possible, we would be happy if you could bring the flag of your country, English books (any kinds as we want to make a library), some seeds, or art supplies as a gift which is symbolic of your stay here.

This project is to be self-supporting community, no donation binding we hope that the volunteers do not pay anything.

In this new project has been running a few activities, as english classes, collect many inorganic trash, the trash would be the media for creativity and building a new tree house then.

Nice regards and warm hugs from Palopo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia,

contac us phone +6285397800223 email Facebook Account