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I'm a wayfaring wolf from northern Nevada who came to Chicago on a whim nearly fifteen years ago. As much as I treasure this city, I still don't belong here. I'm stubborn, willful, wily, overeager, ambitious, perverse and independent -- all in a good way. I possess a big (BIG!) heart, a merciless logic, a sharp wit, a voracious appetite and a strong compulsion to fight for what's fair. I was born at the right time in the wrong generation. I suffer from wanderlust. I make it a goal to travel (abroad) for an extended amount of time at least once a year. The only time I truly feel at home is when I'm on the road.

I'm also the producer and host of BFN Networks, an independent podcast network featuring several entertaining shows (CLICK. THE. LINK. for more details!). I take great pleasure in making fun of my personal baggage as well as singing back-up for the artists that visit my studio. I have a knack for storytelling, and I always do my best to keep my friends engrossed and entertained.

I am forthright to a fault -- I truly believe that tactful honest is the best policy -- and I consistently have and always will make my intentions clear. If you're unsure of something or simply curious to know more, just ask.

Last but not least: I used to be an Ambassador for CouchSurfing Chicago. You can read my old profile/references here.

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