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Mostly harmless. Agnostic, pacifist, humanist, hedonist. Decadent and depraved. Easily bored, yet easily intrigued: Praise the internet for giving us cat videos!!

I really believe in the benefits of an open society, in personal freedom and the power of diversity, and I'm highly tolerant about cultural identity, beliefs, sexual orientation, and your favorite chocolate brand. Any kind of violence, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance make me sick. Be warned! :)

PS: Because I disagreed to their new Terms of Abuse, I left Couch$urfing on September 13th, 2012 by deleting my profile with 33 friends, 27 references, and 8 vouches. So long, and thanks for all the copy-and-paste requests!

Bonus: Dancing Chicken!


Hi ! I'm Mia, 21 yrs old and I live at Villeneuve-d'Ascq, well-located and near Lille (10km, 10mn by metro). I'm vegetarian, and not really creative as a cook. I'm as much kooky as quiet according to the person and context. Respectful, sometimes attentive, sometimes absent-minded, I enjoy learning, and am still curious as a child.
I can help if you need to spend few nights around Lille as long as you've got your sleeping bag (because sharing my one person bed would be hell).
See you around,

United States

I've been involved in language teaching and translation (Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese) for more than 30 years. I am currently doing translations by email or language lessons via Skype as I bike around the world! Drop me a line if you need my services or know of someone who might!

From November 2011 until September 2013 I biked about 16.000 km through some 13 countries, living and working as a Nomadic Translator and Language Teacher. After the winter in Berlin I decided to come to South Korea, where I am now looking for work, friends, a place to stay. If you can host me in Seoul, it would be a great help!

Check out my bike journals in http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/nacho59

My profile in couchsurfing is: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/ignacioduran/

My original plan was to bike zigzagging from Morocco to Japan over a period of 8 years, north in the summers, south in the winters, staying in some places a few weeks, in others up to a year or two. Through this long journey with extended stays in various countries I hope to acquire a good working knowledge (or at least the basics!) of Arabic, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Farsi, and Hindi. I also hope to continue to work on my currently very basic Russian, Chinese, and Korean. If you can help me with these languages, please contact me; maybe we can do an exchange through Skype.

About hosting me:

I'm very simple and do not need or expect to do regular "tourism" or be shown around. Usually I'm happy to share a meal and conversation with my hosts, work on my online stuff, rest, eat, maybe do some laundry. I have a camping mat, sleeping bag, sheets, etc., so I just need some space on the floor to sleep; I like it that way.

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