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Yoga and meditation teacher. Thai massage pratictioner, open minded, open hearted, caring, allways smiling, curious, love to listen to people, visit new places and make new friends.

I live a very simple life, teaching Yoga and breathings techniques.

I love to visit new place but most of all i LOVE to meet people. I would rather visit friend than places, traveling from person to person than from place to place....

Some time i just conctact you to chat, to see if we can be friend and later on to visit you.

Dont want to use BW as a cheap way to find a place where to sleep for a few nights.

My intention is to make connections to find friends. I belive that we can live without money but not without human connections.


United Kingdom

Keen traveller, lived, worked and travelled in many countries. Used to run a hostel, just got back from travelling again, so very social and I love to meet people from all over the world. I speak Spanish and a bit of Italian (the parents speak a bit of Italian as well as my mum's family are Italian) as well as very crap french.

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