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I'm a painter/illustrator/photographer. I like to travel and to impress my experiences in my artworks:

I like to be inspired by people chats, music, smells, food,wine, lazy sunny days. Even if you are not doingsaying anything special, you might be responsible of the next drawing I'm gonna do. ;)
I like to learn new languages and useless things like how to say "happy birthday" in hard-to-pronounce-languages. (I got japanese and dutch for now) I can talk about everything but football. ok this is cliché. I'm ironic, talkative and curious and I like to listen to stories, I like to see the life from different points of view; yours, for example.
If I were a book I would be The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.If I were a flower I would be a dandelion. If I were a writer I would be Boris Vian. If I were a film I would be Hong Kong Express. If I were a director I would be J.L.Godard, sans doute. If I were a color I would be Ultramarine blue. if I were a famous artist, I would be Georgia O'Keeffe. If I were a singer I would be Lhasa de Sela. If I were a language I would be Esperanto. If I were a city I would be Berlin. If I were someone else I would be me, but with a different point of view.

I love draw, to paint, to take pictures, to read, to go to the cinema, to visit cities by bike, to walk, to hike, to cook for friends, to live and to let live. I like the countryside, the sea during the winter and the mountain during the summer, design, arts and kraft, granma's recepies, to get my hands dirty (gardening, repairing, doing bricolage)

I practice Kundalini Yoga (love it) and hatha yoga, know some acroyoga tricks but i need to improve, I like to play table tennis, table footbal, hiking, walking, biking.

I'm on CS too:

Spoken languages

  • Italian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • French Intermediate

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