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Hey my friends! I invite nice guests like you are.
I have been to 84 country: CS, hitchhiking, documentaries, photography. To know more watch and sign up www.youtube.com/VictorAspidov & https://instagram.com/victoraspidov Write me if you want to join my projects. Any help in hosting and hitchhiking here http://vk.com/v.aspidov and http://www.facebook.com/victor.aspidov See you! Be my friend, be welcome!


My profiles in social networks/ мои страницы в соц. сетях:
Sure, add me as a friend, please! I would be glad! Добавляйтесь в друзья смело и вступай в полезную группу о путешествиях вступай в группу нашу https://vk.com/aspidovclub Смотри, лайкай, забирай на стену и делись с друзьями, если понравится — пусть все поедут автостопом без денег, весело и легко увидят мир. Кстати, подпишись на наш АВТОСТОПнуТЫй канал www.youtube.com/VictorAspidov и https://instagram.com/victoraspidov/ там ты узнаешь, как уехать хоть завтра куда хочешь с любым бюджетом :). Буду рад!
Всем-всем! Семинары по автостопу с полезными советами для всей жизни. Вот как этот успешный семинар http://vk.com/event70479102 Уверен, и начинающим и продолжающим путешествовать интересно узнать много нового и полезного! Например, как добираться автостопом быстрее, чем на поезде и автобусе, как стопить и легко кататься на такси, как стать с водителем лучшим другом и быть приглашенным на ночлег за 15 минут знакомства и многое многое другое. Это весело и занимательно!
P.S. Каждого желающего ждет практика.
P.S.S. Фотосессии профессиональные включены. Одновременно можно узнать о предстоящих автостопных реалити-проектах и поучаствовать в них.

Add me https://www.facebook.com/victor.aspidov and http://vk.com/v.aspidov vk.com is better as I am there more often.

I am a good boy who has been made for export. That's why I am always happy to escape abroad. I clean myself pretty regularly. I am bad in swimming but good in walking. My socks don't smell badly. I don't snore. Even fast food I eat slowly. I am happy when I am not sad. I wish everybody becomes friends even Tom and Jerry. I like counting countries I have visited but I don't like maths.

I am member of couchsurfing.com and hospitalityclub.org I am Victor Aspidov (nickname slickvic) there. I highly reccomend that sites which are very good organized and I love to use them.

Spoken languages

  • Russian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate

My interests


I am hitchhiking addicted! I take that perfect pills against humdrum existence. It works fast. The fastest stop at me was in Germany: the woman on sports BMW coupe squeezed out up to 220 under Bloodhound gang and in Lithuania: 240 in Audi A8 like in an aircraft, the slowest in Turkey in a body of a tractor of 40 km or horse-drawn vehicles in Morocco of 8 km under a rumble carried by motor-cars. I am a pupil of school of hitchhiking in Moscow. I study hard. I love adventures giving me fuel for life! No one and nothing stops me!

My interests as well are not normal people, yoga, pilates, shaping of my mom's food and not only, strip-plastic, sweet dreams (not just about my mom's food), jokes, voluntary movement, mandarines, travellings, fiction, foreign languages, football, theatre, fun


I am allergetic to commercial books, so I don't consume it! This should be in unison to my soul. My soul is fastidious.


Music with great vibes.


"Yes, man!" etc.

Organisations I belong to:

Voluntary organization NNVS outgoing@dobrovolets.ru, school of hitchhiking www.shanin.ru, www.couchsurfing.com, www.digihitch.com, www.GlobalFreeloaders.com, www.travelhotties.com, www.greenpeace.org

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Morocco, Spain, Greece, Vatican, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, England, Portugal, Malta, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Israel, Palestina, Western Sahara, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nikaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil by all imaginable and unimaginable types of transports

Planned trips:

South America


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Just kidding! ... but 757 days of staying is too long for me.

I Live With:

It's all nice! I live with my family.
Attention! I have a cat. My cat and I don't smoke. But we drink.

Please bring:

Please! It is better to bring all sleeping stuff with you and your food just to feel even more at home. Please, do it! In your letter confirm you agree with that! Thank you amigos!

I can offer my guests:

It's all my pleasure! I can show people around.
It's all simple! My couches are the sofa and the floor.

I can offer my hosts:

Fun and national food!

Other information for guests:

Warning! Please, make sure that you don't ask me with a month or two in advance - this is too far ahead, two weeks ahead is sufficient.

Great! I almost live in the downtown in a very good place and near train stations: "Leningradskiy vokzal"( direction St.Petersburg, Murmansk and other up the North Pole:), "Kazanskiy vokzal" (from there are trains to Kazan, Sochi and other nice places in the South), "Yaroslavsliy vokzal" (from there all trains start to China, Monogolia, Irkutsk (Lake Baikal) Vladivistok and other). But I love hitchhiking which is best of all everywhere including Russia! There are famous green fun park "Sokolniki" a huge National Park "Losiniy ostrov" with pine trees, elks and other beautiful flora and fauna by our home.

Make a note! You can visit lots of museums, theatres, sport games, natural reserves, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. It is also possible to swim, to get a tan in the summer and to throw snowballs in the winter.

Relax! I always go to bed late or early in the morning.

Special remark again! As you are all big boys and girls it would be great for you all to understand that it is nice to share not just the couch but also the culture, the spirit and the fun! So, those who are not shy to show their cooking talents, to bring along their favourite national music and something that will show us your culture in more depth, you are totally welcome! We happy to share meal and can cook as well our best dishes if we are not busy. So, please make sure that you confirm in your message with us what you are willing to share! I am for great company and fun atmosphere! If you choose me after that it means you are not a freeloader and we will do have fun and great time! Untill reading from you soon!

Public transport:

No worries! The public transportation is good.

House Rules:
No drugs.