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ruzgez Rüzgar Alper Benli anytime

About me

I am Rüzgar from Istanbul currently living in Darmstadt/Germany. Studying an Urban Planning master's. I am a bike-traveller. In the past I rode in Europe and Turkey for 25,000 km without much money and luxury. In the future, I want to ride from Europe to Japan.

Respectfully, I don't care about your gender, age, race, nationality or religion. All is welcome!

The idea behind my current life is to avoid the unnecessary and focus on what's important. I am not sure though, if I found it. :) I try to live as minimal as possible. Owning the least amount of things and keeping the work at minimum, enjoying simple things at max. Avoiding to consume much, and produce more.

I love my mistakes, because they are good to discover. Trying to be me even if it's illegal, illogical or unethical. If you wanna sing out, just do it. .

I travel by bike exclusively and I can sleep on the floor, garden or on a bed. I want to explore your city & life with you. Even if you can't host me, we can have a coffee right?

For guests: Everyone should feel welcome to my place. But the thing is I have a too small room and can't host more than a person or a couple. But we can improvise! :)

Happy living,

Spoken languages

  • Turkish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • German Intermediate
  • Russian Can only say Welcome!
  • Greek Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Cycling, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Cinema Sleeping


Classical Russian, Underground, Jack London


Baroque music, 70s prog rock


Easy Rider, On The Road, Woody Allen Films, Coen Bros

Organisations I belong to:

Vegan and Vegetarian Association of Turkey

Travel experiences

Past trips:

25,000 km with bike in Turkey and Europe.

Planned trips:

Ecologically no impact trip of Europe for a slower world.


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 is nice, but we can improvise.

I Live With:

2 german housemates.

Please bring:

Nothing at all. I can share everything.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

bed, food, shower, place for keeping stuff safe

I can offer my hosts:

I can help with chores, cook falafel, teach Turkish, English or German.

Public transport:

Close to public transportation.

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