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Hello people, my name is Riccardo and I live in a big flat with a friend of mine. I am currently not working much and what I do as a 'job' is not interesting anyway, I am trying to find other paths. For example, I am doing a 3-year shiatsu course and I find it really interesting. When you are here and if you are willing to, you can let me do some practise on you. This is not a condition for being hosted here, though, so no worries. ;-)

I am also interested in meditation, and spontaneous things. I feel more and more uncomfortable with logic-ragional perspective on things and increasingly interested in relating to things and adhering to them (when it is the case) more with my senses and less with my mind.

When I host you or when I am a guest at your place I would love it if you could teach me some manual skill or to make something with my hands, be it art or craft or simple DIY, everything's interesting really and I am always eager to learn.

I did a 1000 km trip hitchhiking a year ago, less adventurous than it sounds :), which left me with a wish for more hitchhiking and a general feeling of fascination with hitchhikers and their ways, so if you are travelling by thumb you can come and stay at my place.

I understand all sorts of dietary choices, if you are vegetarian or vegan I can host you and feed you according to your choices, however be aware that I myself am not entirely vegetarian/vegan and my flatmate isn't at all (she keeps eating meat, unbelievable), so if you can't stand the sight of meat being eaten/cooked maybe it's not the right place for you :(

Hej, I also have a nazi upright piano and you are more than welcome to play it (at reasonable hours, of course), or we could play it together, or if you cannot play we could sing something together, such as some trash song by Lana del Rey? Always a pleasure! ;)

Spoken languages

  • Italian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Intermediate
  • German Intermediate
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Greek Beginner

Travel experiences

Past trips:

HItchhiked through Switzerland and ended up visiting a friend in Barcelona... first hitchhiking experience, it was great.

Planned trips:

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alternative ways of living, consuming...

Interested in alternative ways of cooking and eating (macrobiotics) and alternative medicine.



Would like to visit Greece and learn Greek



I am both on Bewelcome and Couchsurfing.

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

A couple of days? It also depends on how we get along and how busy I am...

I Live With:

A girl, flatmate.

Please bring:

It's always better if you have a sleeping bag, but in case you don't we can arrange something...

I can offer my guests:

Well, accommodation is on a couch (it's not a sofa bed) which is around 1,92 meters long. If you are taller than that and don't want to sleep all curled up we might set up a super luxurious alternative ;)

Other information for guests:

I have cable internet, not wifi. So you are more than welcome to either use my laptop or you can plug yours into my modem (I'll provide a cable). On the other hand, you won't be able to use any wifi network for your tablet or smartphone.

Public transport:

I live close to the Lecco train station (15-minute walk). From there you can travel to Milan or Bergamo (and on to the airport), or further North towards Valtellina. There are also buses to Como.

House Rules:

Smoke only on the balcony. Also you don't have to bring any present. I host people because I in turn was hosted in my travels. Only bring something if you genuinely wish to share it with me. However, not knowing me, it's quite hard to have such a wish... :)

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