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mvanvoorden Mark van Voorden

About me

** For references, see my CS profile (same username), as I have none here yet **
I'm a friendly, positive, curious and talkative guy who loves meeting people all around the world, getting to know their culture and the way they see life. I love my friends and I like going to parties or taking a long walk. I love life and everything what comes with it. I'm impulsive, always getting into crazy situations that turn out to be something cool!

I LOVE music, as long as it's happy and positive (depending on the mood, stuff like system of a down or rage against the machine can be appreciated as well ;-), I love people, all these different personalities, amazing :

I'm very interested in anything I don't know about yet and I feel I cannot judge more or less anything I haven't experienced myself yet. I love my freedom, and I respect other people's freedom as well. Well, you could say I'm a loving person ;-)

There's nothing I hate, but I dislike negativity, prejudice and shallowness. Seeing this in other people, encourages me to show those people how nice life can be and I'd like to take them to the places I go to, to experience life in my way for a moment :-)

Also, I love debate, as this is the key to getting to know why people think or act the way they do and to learn from that. Sharing knowledge and experience and learning, every day!

Spoken languages

  • Dutch Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Fluent
  • Spanish Beginner

My interests


Interested in almost anything! People, nature, music, barefoot walking, freedom, culture, art, etcetera.

Things I want to learn (about):
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Hinduism
- Meditation
- ...


- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
- Harry Potter
- Jack Kerouac's On the Road
- Kevin Poulsen - Kingpin
- Will Durant's Story of Civilization (1st book)
- The autobiography of Malcolm X
- Robin S Sharma - The monk who sold his Ferrari
- Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements
- Herman Hesse - Siddharta
- John Howard Griffin - Black like me
- Sermon on the Mount According to Vedanta (Bergrede)
- Robert Heinlein - The moon is a harsh mistress

Todo reading:
- All volumes of the Story of Civilization
- Iliad
- Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


Everything with positive energy, Goa/Psytrance, Contemporary/Avantgarde (still discovering this genre), Rock, Rock 'n Roll, Hip Hop, Pop, Classical, Folk, House, and everything else.


Too much to list, but some highlights:
- Pulp fiction (and other Tarantino movies)
- Mafia movies like Casino and The Godfather
- Snatch
- Insomnia (and other Robin Williams movies)
- Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- The men who stare at goats
- 2001: A space oddyssey
- Stephen King movies
- Movies by Tim Burton(!), Robert Rodriguez, Stanley Kubrick

Organisations I belong to:

CouchSurfing: https://www.couchsurfing.org/people/mvanvoorden/

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Florida, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Lanzarote

Planned trips:

- Backpack trip through Europe, visiting all cool people I met over the years
- Seeing South America while WWOOFing

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Ik woon in Zaltbommel, reden genoeg toch? ;-)



Came across this group in the hackerbases document that was linked in the CHT manual :) CHT#1 Lanzarote will be my residence starting October 27 :)

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never ask
Max number of guests:
I Live With:

Currently travelling for a few years

Please bring:

No need to bring anything, except for a smile ;)

I can offer my guests:

A fun time, good food and a lot of laughs! I'm very curious about people and life in general. Very openminded, I can literally talk about anything.

I can offer my hosts:

Fun, lots to talk about, very positive attitude towards life, the universe and everything. I like to go with the flow. Love to see life through the eyes of other people :)

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