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About me

At the moment I live and work in vienna. Some (or maybe only me) would consider myself as domestic, and since winter in vienna is too cold for me and my work allows it, around christmas I change my home into a van and travel south. I enjoy visiting people, driving around on the bicycle, partying and travelling. For various reasons I try to avoid animal products.

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Beginner
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Russian Beginner

My interests


laughing, music, cycling, counterculture, adbusting, searching mushrooms, partying, meeting new people, reading, travelling, computers, nomadic living in a van, d.i.y-ing., photographing


die unendliche geschichte, j.p. sartre, a. camus, f. kafka, g. keller, e.t.a. hoffmann, s. lem, s. regener, a.m. dusl, juli zeh, j.s. foer; i love graphic novels, some favorites are marijpol, hergé, franquin, joann sfar, boucq, moebius, mawil, fil, david b, s. maruo, t. matsumoto, m. prado, ulli lust, n. mahler etc etc


animal collective, beatles, broadcast, the fall, goldene zitronen, tortoise, boards of canada, amon tobin, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, venetian snares, terminal 11, shitmat, squarepusher, david bowie, contortions, high tone, besh-o-drom, taraf de haidouks, ki sap, miles davis, mussorgsky, debussy, prokofiev and many others.


"we feed the world", "let's make money", "bamako", "darwins nightmare" or "surplus"; also I like movies by w. anderson, j. jarmush, m. haneke, l. v. trier, d. lynch, j. carpenter, m. gondry, a. tarkovsky, h. schneider, e. kusturica, monty python, most stuff by studio ghibli, sin city, pans labyrinth, no, el topo, night on earth, . I especially like the tv-series "the mighty boosh", "the flight of the conchords", "tim and eric awesome show, great job!" and "south park" a lot.

Organisations I belong to:

phorm.at, couchsurfing (http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/martinovsky/), hospitality club

Travel experiences

Past trips:


Planned trips:

nomadic living in south of europe, maybe north of africa


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

depends, probably a few days..

I Live With:

two other persons

I can offer my guests:

pillows, sheets, a guitar, internet, some stories and recipes, maybe some sightseeing :)

Public transport:

u4 and u6 metro station, bus station

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