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About me

Maybe, if one day I will be a grandmother, I want to tell my grandchildren... and any children :)

(1) When I was young, we were so stupid. We knew about it being harmful and kept on producing plastic!
(2) And we believed in a divide of humans into male and female, women and men. And felt so comfortable about it...
(3) Live daring, unexpected and caring!

"Nobody has the right to obey." - Hannah Arendt

Freedom to me means wide lands and the far away horizone, the knowledge in my own strength and skills - that my feet can carry me there, that there will always be a car stopping when I stick out my thumb, that after rain there will the rainbow and the clean-washed colors of nature and freshness of the air....

I am vegan.

I believe in love and magic....
and in **reusing**reducing**repairing**recycling**

Every day when I walk the streets or fields I see or feel a moment of pure happiness. It's amazing. And it makes me so happy.


I used to be much more active on CS... until the new policy made me leave :( so... my profiel is rather empty, but trust me ;) I have had more than 100 guests and slept over at people's places at least that much if not more....

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Romanian Fluent
  • Dutch Intermediate
  • Russian Intermediate
  • Polish Beginner
  • Arabic Beginner

My interests


nature, endless hitchhiking, reading, bike rides, gras and flowers and parks and trees and cementaries and paths... mountains and rolling hills. i love the colors after rain. i love the colors before rain. music and hitchhiking (again), debating, rain, sun.


give me books and i will get lost in them. opening the pages will lead me into far away worlds.. i will not even notice you talking to me anymore... a shelf full of books - this is one of many ways how i imagine paradise. i usually carry at least one book with me.. and often up to 4 different journals and diaries. can't help it :)


I started learning to play the classical flute. One day I met these wonderful musicians from Canada and France in Moldova and they.. I don't know how to say, opened a new magic world to me. I started to discover all kinds of flutes, and bit by bit I get braver and free to really play music... and no longer just notes.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Everywhere, where my thumb and feet lead me. I try to avoid planes nowadays, early I flew to many places.. Now I feel sad about it. I want to discover the way, not the location only.
I could post a long list here... but you will eventually find out. ;)

Planned trips:

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my motivation? love and necessity



I love the idea of hospitality exchange. And I love having guests and meeting travellers... and that's why I want to support it.

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

we need to see :)

I Live With:

I live in shared house in the centre of Leicester, just by the De Montfort University. I have three Nepali housemates, and even if I hadn't mentioned it here, you would guess when you smell the delicious spices they use when cooking.

Please bring:

a smile and a sleeping bag, if you have

I moved in with my new housemates just recently, so let me check back with them when you make a request for staying. :)

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

We have a spare room with a spare bed.

I can offer my hosts:

I tell stories! I can give massages. I cook and clean. I smile. And very often I travel with my flute, or flutes (a collection from travelling in various countries) and bring you some tunes.

Public transport:

.there are busses, but i have no clue about them. I walk or cycle :)

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

Family and close friends

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from Benosky - 2012-09-19 22:35:23

We met in Chisinau, our kitchen became her home extension, so that means we became friends very quickly! The friendship goes on...


from cryssli - 2008-10-22 21:22:36

Ich habe gar nicht so sehr gespürt, dass ich ein Gast war, denn ich fühlte mich bei lunolumo wie ein guter Bekannter. Es ging einfach und liebevoll zu. Außerdem durfte ich ihren Reisebericht mit vielen tollen Fotos aus Iran und Armenien erleben. ... more


from thorgal67 - 2008-02-22 23:13:07

She is such a wonderful person, from the moment I saw her I knew I'd like her. She is spontaneous, courageous, creative and above all I think she is a highly trustworthy person. Once you are friends with her I think it will be for the rest of your li... more

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