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About me

I'm a beekeeping, wool-spinning, sewing, wood-working, rubbish collecting, hitch-hiking, couchsurfing, reusing, frisbee throwing Park Ranger based in Melbourne's south east, with a penchant for meeting the great people of this world, however weird and wonderful.

I like to live my life simply and cheaply. I've learnt how to make things, fix things, re-purpose things and find potential in things. If you need something sewn, mended, made, fixed, created, designed, cooked or fashioned, let's discuss it over a glass of wine.

I love to learn about the cooking and baking of other countries. I'm trying to collect and collate a recipe book from my guests - I'll buy the ingredients if you can teach me a recipe!

I live with my wonderful partner Shelley and our dog Nelson. Drop me a line if you want to meet genuine Melbourne locals.

Please note that I am about 1 hour from Melbourne's CBD via public transport (~$10). If you want to get away from all the other tourists then I highly recommend our part of town!

Couchsurfing profile is here: https://www.couchsurfing.org/people/kieranmatheson/

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue

My interests


Frisbee! Looking at the way people communicate, group dynamics and positive psychology. Knitting. Spending time in the outdoors. Hanging out with people!


Ask me about it!


I'm in love with Australian music, but definitely not exclusively. To name a few genres: singer-songwriter, hip-hop, ska punk, acoustic, punk and old school ska.


Again with the Australian theme, I enjoy the movies and TV that we produce. I can give you an education on the last 10 years of Australian cinema, and leave you with a few samples.

Organisations I belong to:

The company I work for is a school camp based in Kinglake, VIC, AUS. I also volunteer with Camp Cooinda in the summertime.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Over a beer.

Planned trips:

Over two beers.


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

No upper or lower limit so long as we're getting along.

Please bring:

Whatever you need to be comfortable that we don't provide. Smiles. Un-common sense.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

Just about everything you need as a traveller. Bed and linen, towels, coffee, internet, beautiful sunrise/set, food, beer/wine. A hammock. A chance to do some gardening, eat fruit from our trees, or go camping in the nearby forest - I have all the gear you need.

I can offer my hosts:

I have hosted before and I know what it's like. Un-common sense (if common sense were so common, wouldn't the world be better? Un-common sense is what we should be after), especially with regards to shared living. Smiles. I'm not a great cook but can put some tasty food together. I love doing dishes! Australian TV shows, movies and music.

Public transport:

Melbourne Metro to the nearest station and I can pick you up.

House Rules:
No drugs.

Australia is a dry country and bushfires do happen, often started inadvertently by people. You're welcome to smoke, but we ask that you are responsible with the ash and butts. We'll provide ashtrays and so on. I'm quite fond of this house and would rather that it didn't burn down.

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