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About me

A positive guy who likes people, embraces the powers of mind and heart and tries to live a downsized life. Loves discussing things, can't stop himself from discovering places, tries to have a global approach at stuff. When feeling bored, opens a random page on wikipedia and gets lost for hours. Has a lot of CS experience if that's important for you.

Spoken languages

  • Polish Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Russian Fluent
  • Indonesian Intermediate
  • Turkish Beginner
  • Arabic Beginner
  • Thai Beginner

My interests


Learning and teaching languages, playing accordion (still a beginner), many sorts of art, cultural events, cooking, cycling, getting fascinated by everything...


Lots of them, mostly non fiction touching world's problems. But not only that!


Oh, everything. Especially folklore, electronic and the two combined :)


I praise films. Some of my favourite directors would be Gatlif, Akin, Kubrick, Smarzowski, Coen Brothers, Herzog, Wes Anderson, Lynch (Twin Peaks!!) and more...

Organisations I belong to:


Travel experiences

Past trips:

Most of Europe and Asia

Planned trips:

life :)

Belongs to the following groups


Darwin, NT

I'm coming to Darwin for up to a few weeks.


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Sorry, I'm out of Kraków till September 2018

I Live With:

I share the apartment with 4 other people so, sadly, before I say yes to your request I'll need to see if they're ok with hosting you. The house is often busy so I can't promise anything. Hope this will improve :)

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