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Outside the Box.
Out and Proud

social entrepreneur photographer media-PR, linguistics, education, and Middle East.see more of me at facebook [my FB artist's page " isa fakir "], on Flickr and on w2.0 sites such as

i make great tea, and passable noodles and interesting omelets. pretty good bread...have been a cowboy/stable hand in the 50s. a restaurateur in the 60s(hippy restaurant). a taxi driver, a FIFA referee in the 70s. a bakery manager and trainer of homeless in a famous Zen bakery in the 80s. and an expat since 1986.

photographer, writer, haibun(haikuist), journalist (sports), story teller.educator, activist,...Trauma/PTSD/abuse/crisis intervention specialist. degrees in anthropology, comparative literature, linguistics and applied linguistics. curriculum. ....

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • German Expert
  • Turkish Expert
  • French Beginner
  • Arabic Beginner
  • Russian Can only say Welcome!
  • Kurdish Can only say Welcome!

My interests


living, learning, traveling, languages, meeting people, community. science and sciences. human rights and social justice. Ecology. Democrat Politics. Children's rights.


linguistics, cultures, evolution of mind and language and culture, economics, literature, spiritual sciences, tasawwuf, zen, haiku, history, social history, gender and queer studies. Human rights and social justice. Our Lady of the Flowers(genet) Road up North (bassho) Kobayashi Issa, R H Blyth, John R Walker, Dashiell Hammett, Fahruddin Attar, Washington Irving, Will James.


hate pop. .... love everything else, Bach, Monk, Coltrane, Johnny Cash, bluegrass, traditional gospel, nasheed, Yunus Emre's illahi, ashk, zikr, shakuhachi, Jussi Bjorling, Mozart, mississippi, delta and chicago blues, African jazz, Kurdish and North African music. Indian and South Asian music (not Bollywood), dorothy's children,


Brokeback, Spongebob, Voyna i Mir, Priscilla of the Dessert, Mysterious Skin, Blazing Saddles, Unforgiven, Johnny Depp, anything by Eastwood, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, AI, Schindler's List, The Ring Trilogy, Star Drek, Star Warz, Buffy, Syriana. Nanook. Metropolis. nicholas hoult. james frank. joseph gordan-levitt. A Single Man. The Wire. Weeds. Breaking Bad

Organisations I belong to:

Am Anthro Assoc, Am Assoc for the Advancement of Science, ACLU, CETEFL-L, Global Learn Day, MOPH, Trauma Professionals, Gay Vets, a whole host of veterans, survivors, civil rights, gay rights, and literary and artistic organizations http://www.change.org/profile/view_profile?user_id=5948

Travel experiences

Past trips:

north and south america, western europe, mediterannean, middle east. Drove throughout all of Turkey. Drove throughout all of Saudi Arabia. Drove from Muscat to Istanbul and back again 3 times, visiting everything! Haji twice. Umrah a half a dozen times. Never been west of kansas. Cowboyed in Oklahoma. WORST trip ever: Greyhound bus from San Antonio to Enid Oklahoma. Second Worst on Air France to NY...Most lost trip ever: To Nuevo Loredo: total blank, don't remember anything. Cruised the Amazon Valley jungles and swamps, west of Manaus in 1957. hiked across the Kackar Mts. to Artvin in 1991-92-93. 3rd class train from Lourdes to Madrid in 1956, and by car to Toledo. Orient Express. Slowest trip ever: Istanbul to Konya by train, 1988. Most hateful trip: Air France with a layover at Charles DeGaulle. If I never go to Paris again, it will be too soon. Friendliest most interesting: Dhank, Dead Sea, Neversink, Tiwi, Strangest trip: a sesshin in Rochester and the only room I could get was in a gay bath house. Zen all day. Disco all night.

Planned trips:

Oman. The Catskill Mts, New York Upstate. the world, more exactly, soon I'll need to go to the USA, to Switzerland, on business... north africa? The Holy Land, Palestine, Jordan and Oman as soon as i can as well. Philadelphia maybe. Panama...Mexico

Belongs to the following groups


Alternative Medecine

with my health i ned all the help i can get :-) i've been greatly helped by various alternative medicines.



i'm not an anarchist - i have good anarchist friends - we have productive discussions - i vote. i believe in voting. i believe in most of what anarchists believe. humans [H.sapiens] lived successfully until about 15,000 years ago without hierarchies, without institutionalized authority. society was regulated as a commons - a half a century ago, when Man the Hunter was the dominant [sic] ruling [sic] usa anthropological paradigm i countered with hearth centered, horizontal peer networks [such as gerlach & hines social change theory] and attachment theory [e.g. attachment & loss - bowlby] - e.g. elephant, orca, bonobo society as the paradigm. man the hunter is now in the same dustbin as marlboro man. and my thought from 50-60 years ago is a very productive paradigm

i also did task based teaching 50 years ago. peer assessment. that was centuries and centuries before computers ;-)

i was a 60s anti-war, legalize drugs, hippy activist in the 60s - or collective operated a restaurant, food service[delivered prepared meals - organic food products], house keeping services and open housing - in philadelphia - and our smoke was sold at cost. or below cost. or just smoked sometimes

as a scientist- you might say i'm very pre-post-modern.

as a social activist my favorite thing was doing Occupy Gezi Park in istanbul. we started with ten people in the park and sometimes in a coffee house when it really got cold - also passing out a ton [not quite literally a tonne] of rolled joints at Independence Mall on Mothers Day. - i think in 1966 - not quite anarchy but boy did the police have fun on us. Mom saw me on Nightly News ;-)

so motivation? hard to nail down


BeWelcome testing team

it says you need help. i'd like to help. i'm not sure exactly how to help - i'm definitely not a coder - just a user

so let me know

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

easily negotiable. .

I Live With:

a family, but our apartments are separate, private

Please bring:

mostly everything you need is here. no alcohol. no recreational chemicals or botanicals

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

hospitality, well stocked kitchen, hot water, place to sleep-sheets pillow cases, towels, toiletries, wi-fi, information. knowledge of istanbul, turkey, and the middle east, turkish language and culture, special knowledge of subcultures and minorities in turkey and the middle east. special knowledge of traditional turkish arts, mimar sinan and turkish architecture. mine is a gay friendly home. we have wi-fi connections and several computers.

I can offer my hosts:

me :-) good cook, raconteur, photographer, unusual out of the box eccentric perspective on any issue.

Other information for guests:

small very basic apartment in a generally quiet safe strictly working class district: i have maps on my FB pages ... ... or Go to http://www.tiwiguide.com/ and there are Google World maps to my house.... ...

Public transport:

City Bus 89C, any minibus marked IKITELLI ... closest Metro station is Ziya Gökalp ... from Atatürk Airport the cheapest easiest transportation is an airport taxi

i have maps and info on my FACEBOOK pages....


House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

no homophobia. I am out and proud. no alcohol. no drugs. limited smoking (I have asthma and serious allergies) no misogyny, chauvinism, fascism, heterosexism, sexism, sectarianism, racism, ageism, or fundamentalism. no pets (asthma again). no pandering. :-) take your trick to a hotel.

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