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isaelena Isaelena (Isa and Pipoca) de Oliveira

About me

We are two Brazilians - one girl and one dog - on a sabatical journey cycling around Europe since more than 1 year so far.

I'm kind of a newbie on BeWelcome, but I've hosted and stayed couple of times through Couchsurfing and WarmShowers.

To be honest when describing myself, I would have to come and review my profile everyday.
But yea, I guess there are some things I could point about ourselves that are not gonna change so quick...

- I eat slow. No, I mean: veeeery slow! At least 5 times a day, which means basically I'm always eating. Which also means I always bring food in my backpack!! Yes, I could miss my panties, my tooth brush or even my passport, but you're always gonna find something to eat in it!

- Pipoca is more self controlled in this matter of eating. She carries her own food in her backpack and eats only twice a day! ;-)

- I love beer. And milk. And wine.

- Pipoca loves cars. And trailers. And movement. And, oh, belly rubs, of course.

- We have been doing a lot of Wwoof in this trip. Me because I'm interested in sustainability and farming. Her, well... because she basically follows me everywhere but also because she likes this life in nature!

- I sing terribly and a lot. But I try not to do it in peoples presence, promise trying not to bother you with this, but feel free to give me a holler if I'm distracted doing it...

- I am addicted to planning. I plan everything, make spreadsheets and tables and reports. I like to think I have everything under control (but I'm working hard to get rid of this habit. I already made a plan!)

About her: she's a 40kg lovely mutt (or mixed breed, if you prefer to say), crazy about people, always looking for a friend to shake paws with. She loves having her chest scratched and in return she likes to hug (but she hasn't been hugging much lately, because of her arthritis). Sweet to other animals, when in Brasil we lived with a cat. We also wwoofed in farms with chickens, donkeys, horses... she's used to share the space with all kind of living things. She is fullly toilet trained and she's ok sleeping outside, since it's not too cold (although she's a dog, she's still Brazilian, used to 30° at night in Summer). You can ask me anything you want to know about her, ok?

Spoken languages

  • Portuguese (br) Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Italian Beginner

My interests

Organisations I belong to:

Couchsurfing, Warmshowers, Trustroots, Wwoof, Helpx.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

- Some travels to Southeast and South of Brasil (promise I'm going North as soon as possible! )
- Chile, Argentina, Peru - only the capitals, unfortunately
- Machu Picchu on the Salkantai Trekk
- Cycling around Germany for one year

Planned trips:

We're in Europe right now with no short plans to get somewhere, just cycling by and learning some new stuff.


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1 week

I Live With:


Please bring:

friendship, stories, jokes, knowledge, beer, experiences

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Maps, tips, cookies, music, fruits, my entire fridge (not always full, but beer never missing! =P)
I'm really not attached to material things, so everything in my place is open to my friends. I'm used to receive friends at home, so I usually have towels, toothbrushes, socks and so...
I have a washer-dryer machine, which is really useful for travellers (although water supply is intermittent in SP currently =P).

I can offer my hosts:

funny stories about travelling with Pipoca - food (I can miss my toothbrush, panties or even my passport, but I always have something to EAT in my backpack! ;-P) - good music!

Other information for guests:

I work from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, and I study from Tuesday to Thursday night, so I usually get home after 10pm those days. That being said...
a) sorry, but it's kinda impossible for me to receive guests arriving at Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays... =/

b) I highly prefer hosting travelers coming at Fridays or Saturdays, so that I can make them comfortable with my place, my dog and my neighborhood. Doesn't matter how long you're staying, please, just make an effort to arrive at a Friday or Saturday...

c) If you need to come on a Sunday or Monday it's ok, but I'm gonna kindly ask you to leave with me in the morning, when I go work, and then we meet again by the end of the day to come back home... just coz it might be risky for you and also for Pipoca to let you alone at a first moment... ;-)
*** I usually say I'm not such a good host, but I can be a really good friend! I'd also rather having friends than guests at home so, please, don't be my guest, be my friend! ;-)

Public transport:

20min walking from/to the Metro Station (red line), - lots of buses from my place to the Metro station (if you prefer not walk those 20min) - 40min by metro to old downtown - 1h by metro to Paulista Avenue - Bike system also works pretty well around my place!

House Rules:
No drugs.

I'm in a sabbatical journey in Europe right now, but I will be glad to host again when I'm back to my country ♡

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