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About me

I am a Chinese descendant born in Bandung, Indonesia. Now live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was growing up constantly exposed to various cultures, religious and society that enables me to be more open minded and acceptance toward other culture and people from different background.

I consider myself an introvert yet friendly, mature-minded and considerate person. I am more of a thinker and observer than a talker. But depends on circumstances can also be talkative at times, especially when I got a little drunk. An experience and knowledge seeker. Feel excited to try and learn anything new yet sometimes struggling to find the courage to do it :p

Always wanted to meet new people from different background of life, share experience and expand my network of friends. Have a dream of adventure since I was a kid, always wanted to go abroad and enrich my life experience.

Currently traveling and planning to go to several Asian countries(such as China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Indonesia,etc) seeking new excitement in life :p

Btw, I am also on couchsurfing:

Spoken languages

  • Indonesian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Sundanese Intermediate
  • Chinese (Simplified) Intermediate

Travel experiences

Past trips:

South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia

Planned trips:

South east asia & India


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