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About me

If you're a host, and I did send you a message, feel free to ask anything
If you're a host, and I didn't send you a message, but you find me interesting feel free to offer your couch (I'll probably be going to your town! (I'm probably going to every town!))

Both cases, be careful, I'm in a personal project for being COMPLETLY HONEST

I try to not judge people by their references or profile, otherwise you have stereotype and a imposed opinion. I will not write the kind of person I am; for another people I can seem different than I am in my self-opinion.

So the only real way to know it is meeting me

I can say that i travel backpacking, hitchhiking, couchsurfing... with time, meeting locals, knowing the place and being happy and in the present moment!
I'm trying to travel almost without money (most of the time) that doesn't mean that I'm a freeloader, I'll be getting you and me food (if you're comfortable with dumster diving :) ), helping you around, and probably will try to make you a gift!

I'm vegetarian, with lots of diferent ideas, more or less liberal, trying really hard to not judge to world, and also to go with the flow. I have yet to do lots of things, and love to tell stories.

Recently I stayed in a Buddhist monastery, I don't call myself buddhist, but I think that most of the ideas are really on the nail. I also have talked, and stayed with lots of Muslims, Christians and atheists... only for a few examples! I don't have any problem talking about religions, and I'm eager to learn more about them (and everything!)

In the summer of 2013 I travelled the summer, that went so well, that i decided to keep traveling a few months more... or more! Who knows? (Update: December 2013, still travelling. No plans of stopping soon.) (Update: August 2014 been living in Bucharest, RO with gf for a long while :P)

To where? I dont really know!

I don't have any real destination, so if you want to host me anywhere if you're anywhere, drop me a messsage and we will talk...

If you want to know more of me, ask me something, see where i am, etc...


My couch$urfing profile

Sometimes i'm planning the next steps of my trip and i don't really know which way to go, so I take peaks on differents profiles of people and see what everyplace has to offer (people has great information about the cities and countries in the profiles!)

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Can only say Welcome!
  • German Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Hitchhiking, sleeping in the 1000 stars hotel, nature, hiking, bycicles, make people laugh, etc... lots of stuff!!

I believe in the diversity of the being, at least of myself. I can't put myself in words, i'm always changing. You don't meet the same "me" that others do, (i'm not bipolar or something like that) i have lots of interest, and sometimes i can be chasing them like a mad dog, or sometimes i can be lazy and sleep late. You never know. Therefore, I make this promise:

-I promise that I'll not be exactly the same of what i've written in my profile-

Recently, I picked up coding a bit (not going further than HTML and CSS, yet; but want to do lots of things with this!), maths, and generally improving myself...

Organisations I belong to:

helpx.net (If you are thinking that my profile it's awesome and i'm awesome and you want me to stay in your farm/place/land,etc...) = http://www.helpx.net/profile.asp?usercode=1015643XG

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Little 1-Spain- http://goo.gl/maps/e7INu
Little 2-Spain- http://goo.gl/maps/uD2gT
Big 1 -Europe- http://goo.gl/wFvA35
-to be expanded-

Planned trips:

Like I said before... if you have a place and want me to stay there or want to meet me, you are my next travel plan.

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I'm interested in the event, and the EVS position

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