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About me

I am an activist organizer, and much of my time these days goes to colalction.org a platform for crowdaction. More info about how to crowdact at: crowdacting.org

I am also building a straw bale house this summer, so help is welcome.

I've always sought freedom and adventure. At 17 i went to Australia for a year as an AFS exchange student (1990, Melbourne) - www.afs.org. That began a 15 year love affair with travel and languages. I worked teaching the language of the empire in Mexico, Cuba, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Oman, Czech Republic. I spent years traveling via "Pasporta Servo" (www.tejo.org/ps/) - BeWelcome for esperantists! Tired of working, I wound up in Barcelona, where i spent several years stealing buildings and land and putting down roots in an community of 30 people mainly involved in activism and environmentalism. Check out the website: www.canmasdeu.net. I am fascinated by workshops on love, intimacy, and sex with a group in california: HAI.org/

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Spanish Expert
  • Esperanto Expert
  • Turkish Intermediate
  • Catalan Intermediate
  • Polish Beginner
  • Russian Beginner

My interests


massage, organic gardening, cycling, DIY, fixing stuff, copyleft, open source, atheism, anarchism, vegetarianism (though i'm rather impure), polyamory, documentary films, making soy milk and soy yogurt, community living, and translating BeWelcome to Esperanto.


Michael Ende MOMO, derrick jensen A LANGUAGE OLDER THAN WORDS; CULTURE OF MAKE-BELIEVE, jeannette winterson WRITTEN ON THE BODY; aldous huxley ISLAND; BRAVE NEW WORLD, ursula leguin THE DISPOSSESSED, octavia butler DAWN; RITES; IMAGO, _Anything_ by Noam Chomsky,


Lavorare Con Lentezza, Short Bus, Darwin's Nightmare, Slam!, La Haine, Tillsammans, The Corporation (canadian documentary), Century Of The Self & Power of Nightmares (BBC documentaries)

Organisations I belong to:

CS: www.couchsurfing.com/people/brian%20RUSSELL/

Belongs to the following groups


alternative ways of living, consuming...

Its important for people looking for alternatives have a place to gather!



I translate to Esperanto



here to help with translations to esperanto.


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1 week minimum - 2 weeks max, but can be extended to one month.

I Live With:

23 adults and 6 children

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

a firepit, laundry, hot showers, highspeed internet, free telephone to many landlines worldwide (voipcheap.com), and can lend you a bike and a guitar.

I can offer my hosts:

cooking, language lessons, massage, translations,

Public transport:

10 min walk uphill on a dirt road from L3 Canyelles

House Rules:

no smoking inside the house

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