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Active member on Couchsurfing so this is all pretty familiar!
I've copied a picture showing the number of references I've had. Not to boast but just in case you're not sure about me, which is also why I'm keeping my CS profile live until I can't keep it anymore!

'm friendly, outgoing and very laidback (said rudely, lazy sometimes). I have a desire to learn about different cultures, especially through their cuisines! Other than that I suppose I'm constantly seeking my limits, after all you only live once, what's that you shouldn't do, as long as it's not causing harm to anyone!
Oh, worth noting, I will turn down a bed for a space on the floor!

That was literally copied from my CS profile, Now about BW, I'll probably try and contribute but I don't have enough computer/programming knowledge nor adequate free time to do stuff physically so I'll try to do it cyber, I suppose starting a couple of groups could be a good start to promoting will it??

Now that I'm not a student I have a bit more freedom to host people and I'd love to return the favour after being hosted by many good souls! Unfortunately I seem to end up moving to the arse end of nowhere so very rarely get a request! None the less I'll try my best to accomodate you if you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to be nearby!

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Chinese (Traditional) Mother Tongue
  • Mandarin Chinese Expert
  • Bulgarian Can only say Welcome!
  • Serbian Can only say Welcome!

My interests


I'm a big fan of rock climbing, as well as hiking and mountaineering.
Other than that any sports will serve me well =)
Photography is a main hobby, especially when it comes to cultures and places, every place has it's own "taste" and it's a true memory wherever I go.
I love to cook, all sorts of things so as long as the ingredients are there, I'll be able to make something out of it! Of course, your traditional recipe would be much appreciated if I could learn it, and I've always got plenty to give back.
Most important afterall is probably learning about you, you and you!!


I read pretty much anything so it's pretty hard to name. Love in the time of Cholera has to be one of the favourites. Beyond Black. Jurassic park


Hmmm, give me whatever!


Kill Bill, Oceans 11

Travel experiences

Past trips:

2 summers in the Balkans meeting amazing people, Kosovo was an eye opener. Fell in love with Sarajevo, still am. Was part of the team who built the first climbing wall in Banja Luka, BiH, first in BiH too. Major drinking in Serbia, ok, that was the minor part of the trip. Guca 2012 changed my perception of partying. Met the youth of Zagreb, what a bright future they have.
Made some lifetime friends in Slovenia, Easter 2012
Bouldering for 10 days in Gothenburg, Sweden, summer 2011
Morocco in summer 2010

Planned trips:

Guca 2013.
Probably Israel/Palestine later in the year.
Georgia and Armenia are on the list, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania has to be done at some point..
I suppose not being too greedy is a good start so I can actually do something!!

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Alternative Medecine

despite being a pharmacist I never take medicines :P

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

couple of days/a week? Depends on how we get along!

I Live With:


Please bring:

Yourself, I have most of what you need but if you're not coming alone then sleeping bags, towels and toileteries would be useful.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

Food, shelter, shower etc. I can't really take you around as I can't drive so I can't even get around myself!
If you're staying for more than a couple days I would appreciate if you chip into the food. It's not expensive and I can certainly work to a budget!

Did i forget to say lots of fun (or pain?) ?

I can offer my hosts:

Laughter, a mental person? Me?
I'll do your dishes and cook for you if you want me to!

Other information for guests:

Got a spare bedroom or two as I kip in the lounge, you have the choice of sharing or not!

Public transport:

Carlisle. So, on the main links of railways and such. 2 hours or so from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester. Also only 4 hours from London! (All by train times)

House Rules:

Don't think I can handle pets nor infants/young children here.
I don't smoke normally, but if you're desperate and it's pissing it down outside I might feel nice/evil and let you slowly wreck your own lungs inside.
Please don't bring any ketamine/cocaine/heroin/crack/mdma/ecstasy so on and so on with you, I'll bore you to death with how these things can kill you and then flush them down the toilet.

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