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Spoken languages

  • Icelandic Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • Portuguese Beginner
  • Danish Beginner

My interests


Thinking, Talking to people and learning about them, getting to know nature, what you can eat, how you can cook it and share it with others and how to grow some things, making music of differnt types, imagine, make ficctions, like drawing people on the street.


Plants, Lichens, Algae Mushrooms, Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Anthropology, Anarchism


Unraveling slowly what is mine will eventually connect us. Grasping the world in every sentence is something I strive to do. Usually trying too hard reaching perfection. Calm at most times but i do like to howl. Learning to listen, observing natures cycles and having some tea. Wandering mind, that likes its ways, but communication can be obtained through common interests. We do live on the same planet, so we have to learn how to get along. Building houses of decks of cards and if they fall I gladly start again. Engaging either in by cooking lots of food, go on the streets and offer in my community that I see desperatly needs not merely feeding their stomach but more a sense of unity; cycling through the mountains where other means of transportation has been dominating our surroundings, using metabolic energy; gathering what others have passed on about the role plants, or just any live being play in our lives and using that knowledge to heal us and inspire.


Something that has a healthy dose of politcs and gardening
Journeys seem to fascinate me, ether on the road or into the depths of the mind. The journey a seed takes from germinating is amazing
World without us-Alan Weissman, Gaia-James Lovelock, The sun my heart-Thich Nhat Hanh, Listening to the land-Derrick Jensen..

Organisations I belong to:

Nature cycle!

Travel experiences

Past trips:

South America on the run, Southern Europe full of dreams. Moving slowly though the fields of Sligo

Planned trips:

To the wild to do some foraging.

Belongs to the following groups


Critical Mass

I have participated in Reykjavík, Dublin, Porto and Krakow and plan to participate as often as i can. I like cycling in colourful outfit sometimes, sometimes and sing happy cycling songs and send a shout out the the community.



I am a part of the natures cycle and the bicycle is just a perfect compliment to that.


Foraging - Wild foods

Being part of the nature cycle and appetite for different food

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Statistical report on the economic situation in Iceland and fantastic stories of brave men.

Public transport:

Walking here from the busstation takes about 15 minutes.

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

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