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About me

Most of the time I lived here in the north. A few years ago I started to grow things and now I am part of a wonderful community in our urban farm. I work in a hospital and doing a study of natural science. For some time I was a park ranger. So I like to spend time outdoors and connect with nature.

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Spoken languages

  • Icelandic Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • Portuguese Beginner
  • Danish Beginner

My interests


Growing, foraging, hiking, cycling, swimming, singing, drinking tea


For the time being it's Chemistry the Central Science


Post punk, shoegaze, psychadelic, folk as far as consumption goes and the I am going to choir practices, doing folk singing and sharing tunes in the woods


If you have seen Shawshank Redemption then this is an interesting reflection on the stoic nature of characters journey https://youtu.be/Sbgpjcf-i8I

Organisations I belong to:

Great question! I am on the board of The Iceland Permaculture Association and so please let us know If you have an interesting project or want to organize an event, hopefully we can help.

A board member of Seljagarður Urban Farm. Here I do most of my work and we are very open to creative ideas to make our city greener.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

South America on the run, Southern Europe full of dreams. I crossed to Morocco and people were generous there. Shared their tea. I lived in Ireland and Argentina.

Planned trips:

Getting on the bus with my choir. A hike to the next mountains. Visiting other growers nearby.

Belongs to the following groups


Critical Mass

I have participated in Reykjavík, Dublin, Porto and Krakow and plan to participate as often as i can. I like cycling in colourful outfit sometimes, sometimes and sing happy cycling songs and send a shout out the the community.



I am a part of the natures cycle and the bicycle is just a perfect compliment to that.


Foraging - Wild foods

Being part of the nature cycle and appetite for different food

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