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Reccalice anytime

About me

I like techno & vegetables.

Spoken languages

  • Italian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Spanish Beginner
  • German Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Music & gigs. I really feel like I deteriorate without them.

I also like cycling and exploring abandoned buildings and hidden natures, they have their own magical beauty.

I cook & bake often, and I really enjoy a good yoga practice like a fast paced vinyasa. Anything that can get me away from "real world" obligations


Techno & Electronic music, the dark, experimental, industrial and underground stuff

Travel experiences

Past trips:

European countries

Planned trips:

Two-months summer getaway to Germany, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Italy & Switzerland


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 nights

I Live With:

Three friends, aged 24-30

Please bring:

Sleeping bag

I can offer my guests:

Separate double bedroom (if available), two sofas, space on the floor & food

I can offer my hosts:

Some nice Italian home made food & dinners

Other information for guests:

I won't be able to host until October 2015, as I will be travelling for the summer.
My guests won't have their personal set of keys, but there's will be people in the house available to help!

House Rules:

Just being reasonably tidy & not leaving things around

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