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About me

I'm a chemical engineer from education, but don't worry, I'm a normal person. Friendly, easy guest, don't need much except for good company.
I studied electrical and later chemical engineering. Worked for a while in metal industry, later as a teacher in chemistry and physics, and at the moment I am the local mailman :) Later I did 2 years of blacksmithing classes. Oh, and I know how to use tools :)

Heavy politic and philosophic discussions, partying till the morning, inappropriate jokes, having fun and to laugh a lot. Does that scare you? :) Don't worry, I'm also very friendly and gentle, a bit too quiet sometimes, and opposite of judgemental. Also very curious by nature.
I have a very broad range of interests: 
music, woodworking, going out with friends, having fun, like to discover new things, like good and fun company, like to laugh (a lot!), primitive cultures, sea-sides and water sports, and watching the clouds.
My friends would describe me as very friendly and open, and a bit nuts. I can offer you my technical hands, an analytical but dreamy brain, and a smiling heart!

At the moment I am eager to learn about wood construction and carpentry, about maintaining orchards, about agro-ecology and permaculture, learning Spanish, Farsi, and Russian, edible wild plants, hitch-hiking, brewing/cider-making. And I really want to learn how to make good well-balanced vegetarian food!

Btw, I have profile on CouchSurfing and HelpX as well

Spoken languages

  • Dutch Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Intermediate
  • German Beginner
  • Romanian Can only say Welcome!
  • Russian Can only say Welcome!
  • Albanian Can only say Welcome!

My interests


I love music, woodworking and blacksmithing, nature in general, going out with friends, sea-sides and water sports, laughing with children and watching the clouds.

At the moment I'm interested in learning Spanish and Russian, maintenance of orchards, permaculture and agroforestry, edible wild plants, hitch-hiking, and brewing/cider-making. And I really want to learn how to make good well-balanced vegetarian food!


There are a few Belgian/Dutch writers I find valuable: Marc Colpaert, Willem Brakman, Willem Frederick Hermans, Louis Paul Boon, Hugo Claus, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (poetry), Paul Van Ostajien (poetry), Willem Elsschot, enz. Last books I've read was 'Unterleuten', from Juli Zeh. Liked it a lot. But I also liked Terry Pratchett with his Discworld series :) Oh, and Bruce Chatwin (Songlines), I hugely recommend!


From classical and barok over Ska, punk, balkan, reggae, rocksteady, rockabilly, blues, jazz, latin, true worldmusic, folk, primitive and indigenous music, to electronic, 80's and 90's, Techno, minimal, and almost forgetting the 60's and 70's, protest-singers, singer-song, ... You name it, and I for sure will like it at least a little bit.

To name a few, I like The Police, Rancid, Sublime, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy, Legowelt, Paul Kalkbrenner, Chemical Brothers, Eels, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, Nina Simone, Raving George, Paula Temple, Underworld, Yazoo, Vince Clarke, Hydrogen sea, Taraf des Haidouks, Shantel, Alt-J, Hydrogen Sea, Pantzer Fabriek, Alabama Chakes...


I like to go to independent cinema's, and see what's new. Movies like Elling, The Punk Syndrome, Trollhunter, A Separation, Intouchables, La Fille Sur Le Pont, ... but also Django Unchained, Birdman, Interstelar, Incredibles,

Organisations I belong to:

CS, Trust Roots, WWOOF, Helpx, Warmshowers,

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Hiking in French and Spanish Pyrenees, Cycling to Normandie, partying in Germany (Berlin+North-East), Southern Turkey, Indonesia,...

Just travelled trough the Balkans, Czech rep, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Crna Gora, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, and a little bit of Turkey (Istanbul :) )

Planned trips:

1) Travelling across Europe, hitchhiking as much as I can.
If that works out, then:
2) Travelling east as far as I can, hitchhiking as much as I can :)

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Ik woon in België, ben lid van BeWelcome, en zou graag met andere Belgische BeWelcomers in contact komen.

Groetjes! Roel


Gent Meetings

Ik woon in Gent, en ben nog maar net lid van BeWelcome. Lijkt me leuk om andere Gentse BeWelcomers te ontmoeten.



Hi there! As I like to travel by hitchhiking, I think it would be good to be part of this group :-)

Regards, Roel


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Sam and Koen. 3 guys in one house => complete chaos! :-)