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About me

Born and raised in Estonia. Travelled, studied and lived in Indonesia, New Zealand and Korea. Trips to India and bits of Europe, Ukraine and Scandinavia.

I think I am relaxed and laid-back type of person. Try to be aware about situations and dont like to rush things. Even when stuff is happening at the last minute, I know everything will be fine eventually. Thats what travelling has tought me so far. Just "no worries" even though I know it can be pretty tricky to keep that mentality while travelling alone.

I have spent 2 months living in Seoul and can now say with full conviction, that its nice for a while, but for me its too intense. Like the outdoors and open landscape more. Cities with more space, like Auckland or Wellington in NZ were very nice.
I love cities, urban planning and finding alternative ways of living inside these big systems, but in heart I would rather follow the nature and eastern philosophy of life.

When in a new place I usually like to wander around quite aimlessly and see what comes up. I feel thats a better way to get to know the place. Even in the back of my head I might feel a bit of pressure to also visit the "must see" attractions :).
For me travelling is adapting to situations and places and being tolerant and patient with people. When travelling I cannot take my habitat with me, so all there is, is to adjust.

Love to see creative and out of the ordinary lifestyles and places. Try to help out and get involved in my surroundings as much as possible.

Living and working currently in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Spoken languages

  • Estonian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Finnish Beginner
  • Russian Beginner
  • Indonesian Beginner

My interests


Photography, Meditation, Yoga, Food, Permaculture, Off the grid, Peace, Hitchiking, Hiking, Voluntary simplicity, Urban farming, Carpentry, Volunteering, Cultural diffrences and exchange, Tolerance


Haruki Murakami, Roberto Balano, Jose Saramago, Daodejing, Shantaram


Bass and dub influenced music. Electronic music and also everything alternative. Very open about music and always like to hear new stuff.


Jarmusch, Tarkovsky, Tarantino, Haneke, Õunpuu.

Organisations I belong to:

I discovered WWOOFing in New Zealand and it gave me so many amazing experiences and good memories. The couchsurfing idea is great and it has helped me a lot while travelling.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Last two years: Indonesia - 7 months, New Zealand - 15 months, Korea - 2,5 months
Before that: India, Ukraine, Europe, Scandinavia, London

Planned trips:

Would like to do a bicycle tour in Europe. Just started considering this, so no fixed plans yet.

Santiago de Compostela in the winter!

Going to Iceland, for 6 months as a volunteer.

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Few nights

I Live With:

3 flatmates

Please bring:

Sleeping bag

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

Space to sleep, show around the town

Public transport:

Yes, nearby

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

No special rules

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