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About me

After finishing my bachelor's degree in 2013 I decided to go travelling. Mainly as means to find an answer to this very question. Unfortunately, I can't say I've progressed that much. What I can say is that I strive for balance, connection, discovery and experience. I consider myself creative and sincere.

During the current trip, which takes me from the Netherlands to Indonesia, I mainly used WorkAway and Couch Surfing. There are several reasons as to why I'm currently taking this trip. The main reason would be to expand my perspective by building up experience. Other reasons include getting away from the safe embrace of my home country, finding an other place I might call home and trying to have a positive influence in other people's lives.

As for my religion, I would say I'm atheist with an open heart to other perspectives.

The main thing I look for in other company is sincerity.

The destinations so far (updated 08.06.2014) in the current trip you can find here: http://www.bewelcome.org/trip/2531

Spoken languages

  • Dutch Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • French Beginner
  • Croatian Can only say Welcome!
  • Bosnian Can only say Welcome!
  • Japanese Can only say Welcome!
  • Greek Can only say Welcome!
  • Turkish Can only say Welcome!
  • Russian Can only say Welcome!
  • Spanish Can only say Welcome!
  • Serbian Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Photography, philosophy, sociology, design, travel, music, lifestyle.


Terry Pratchett - Discworld series
Paulo Coelho - Alchemist
Many mangas


Electro swing (Parov Stelar, Old Swing Republic, etc.), Tech house, Classical, Deep house, Rock, Metal.. Really depending on the mood of course.


Lucky Number Slevin, Fracture.. Any movie with a good story and dialogue with decent acting really.

Organisations I belong to:

Organisations, huh? I guess I don't really have an answer here. Did use Couch Surfing a lot if that can be considered an organisation.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Hitch-hiked with a friend from the Netherlands to Serbia and back.

Planned trips:


never ask
Max number of guests:
Other information for guests:

At the moment I'm travelling and unfortunately have no place to host people.