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About me

Hi! I'm a ...

1) COMMUNTY ARTS COORDINATOR ...I am planning to open a community arts house where art coordinators offer various arts at donations only prices https://chocahouse.blogspot.com/p/4.html

and an

2) ARTIST ( i mean arent we all ??? ) : I love art – drawing, sketching, illustrating, urban sketching. I also love, cre8ive writing ( short pieces / poems) painting and taking fotos > https://drawingsdavidmeehan.blogspot.com/

...also... I love music- country, jazz, classical, pop, musicals, singalong, folk, anything u can tap ur foot to and hum along with. I also like camping, alternative movies and corny romantic comedies ( even if i am for an alternative lifestyle and society to many of them!!) I have 3 kids but am now divorced. I like socializing and meeting new people but prefer 1 to 1 or small groups. I believe in world peace for every1 and we should all help each other www.facebook.com/davidmeehan99

for contacts ( fone / email etc ) plz check blog

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Portuguese Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • German Beginner

My interests


art, travelling, drawing, illustrations, painting, cooking, music, playing guitar, writing ( reading & writing short pieces incl. poetry)


1984, jonathon livingston seagull, siddharta, eat pray love,


country jazz folk gospel blues singalongs classical pop rock r&b


amelie / diaries of motorcyclist / life is a miracle ( emir kustarica ) / lenin / billy elliot / sound of music /

Travel experiences

Past trips:

spain france portugal italy germany austria begium holland, scotland wales morocco, tunsia, USA,

Planned trips:

ireland taiwan

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