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well, I'm a 35 years old french guy, 1m82 tall,72kg weight, with quite long dark-grey hair, hyperopia-astigmatic glasses, one younger sister, a capricious failing memory, a pathological sense of humour, 5 toothbrushes, an insurmountable casual way of living, chatting and sleeping tendencies, an unconditional addiction to the little pleasures of life, a obsessional sense of rhythm, and few others conditions.

Spoken languages

  • English Intermediate
  • French Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • Italian Intermediate
  • Haitian Intermediate
  • Swahili Intermediate
  • Bulgarian Beginner
  • Arabic Beginner
  • Norwegian Can only say Welcome!

My interests


I like among other things:

obviously writing(saying) bullshit, playing, some dishes, sunday jogging, development supporting and cooperation ,hiking, some movies, looking for a new utopıc pace to the world over a drink with friends, enigmas, blue color, absurd thinking, laughing, cooking with friends, card magic, theatre, foreign landscapes, some music tracks, sleeping,(auto)derision, snowboarding, some comic books, thinking it's sunday when it's saturday, breakdance, some beverages, the idea that we maybe could begin to think to preserve a minimum the earth, hiding myself behind a door

and I dislike among other few things

travelling of course, big city people driving all terrain vehicle, techno music, negotiations, sitcoms/TVseries,to get cold, tickles, reading(but i'm making some progress), to collect leaves, politicians, big city people driving all terrain vehicle, always hurried people, burn my tongue drinking a too hot tea, nightclubs, conflicts, mussels, fashion , big city people driving all terrain vehicle, ordinary fanaticism, make my keys(wallet, credit card,...) disappear.

...but if you are a politician, who likes to negotiate and solve conflicts (as you should I guess), and who can spend a sunny weekend eating mussels and watching series before riding his/her SUV by night and go clubbing, I will still be very happy to host you, but please don't tickle me!

oh and of course I hate travelling and travellers and those xenohpile people who, under cover of their irrepressible needs for world socialisation, auto-invite themselves at other's place to despoil them of their couch and their time, and probably irony too.




a lot


a lot

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Armenia, Belgium, Cote D'Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic,Dominican Republic, England, Greece, Haïti, Italy, Jordan,Kenya, Lebanon, Mozambique, Norway, Portugal, Senegal, South-Africa,Serbia,Slovenia,Spain, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Wales, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Planned trips:

what plan?

Belongs to the following groups


Last minute group in Paris

i'll be in paris tonight and don't know where to stay



just moved in! Well did not find a place yet even after 3 weeks of strong research but still hoping!


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

a month

I Live With:

well I'm alone as soon as my workmate leave the office

Please bring:

chocolate or / and cheese

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

a bed, and probably an entire room with several beds

I can offer my hosts:

all-you-can-eat 0 carbon footprint passion fruits and lobster on a most wonderful sunset everyday on the rooftop

Other information for guests:

I have a small cat

Public transport:

"Dieu qui decide" bus company in any town. just pray hard if you believe in it!

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

As I'm home working, or more accurately, work living, rules will be office ones; quite busy from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm but then we can drink cocktails made of coconut and passion fruit and play some guitar watching the sunset.

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