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Living with empathy, discernment, serenity, universal love whenever you can! Meet new friends and good citizens of the world!. Learn and teach news things! Living in Harmony with people and the universe!


Love life ! Love my Children and to be father !! I like pratice Sports, ...watch the sunrise, walking barefoot on the earth or sand, the forest land... to dance .... Talk and to study about life, behavior, education, health, arts, mythology, anthropology, computers an poetry... Know new friends and news cultures...
I work with education, people, community, technology ...


Love Life Always with serenity, empathy, discernment, joy and life purpose !!

I Feel the energy of the universe, I am immersed in it. Feet on the ground and mind in the cosmos!

Live with the conscience and the conscious...

I appreciate every Life Preservation Movement. The value, a principle that guides everything that I do, is: Loving life! Love Life and Living with discernment (clarity) and responsibility

Universal Love is in my view to meeting of all that is best for everyone: Harmony of feeling, thought and action. (bio psycho social spiritual...) Wisdom, insight (discernment), serenity, flexibility, commitment, solidarity, continuity ... Awareness of the interdependence of all ... Sustainability! Self Knowledge ...

Live with Love and Simplicity

Learn and share always... together ... Take care, guide, facilitate. Taking care of yourself, the planet and the next ... through the experience of differences ... Harvesting the best and planting the best ... Encourage good potential ... Make, give space for the good opportunities ...

Integral Education and Health to everybody...
integrate all areas of life found balance
Why I’m on Couchsurfing


Invite and explicit about CS project to news friends. Meet with news CS friends and promotion events...with good energies always !!


I was invited first to my friend to meeting abril 2011. Meets too other places... in Latin Party, copacabana beach quiosque... Arcos da Lapa, Pedra do Sal samba, Portela, Converse Block party to dance and talk about Rio de janeiro culture com CS friends. Pic Nic MAM gardens aterro flamengo/glória... Very, very nice experiences !...

Knows nice friends and help what will possible...
Music, Movies, and Books

all with qualities, done with heart, soul, love... Rock, blues, soul, jazz, classic, samba, salsa, zouk...dance, hip hop...forro, maracatu... fiction movies, comedy, drama. French films ... Peace culture, restaurative pratices, poetry books, mythology, philosophy, education, psychology and sexuality...adm, IT, antropology...
One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Cosmoconscience, out of the body experience... Sun kissing Moon up above stone gavea. Time travel... OVni Travel... :-)... to live... Imaginaries Travel... Mambucaba and Trindade desert Beach swiming nude alone... Sure meet my daughter...
Teach, Learn, Share

About Energies, Conscience... about Integral Health, and Education... about sports and arts...poetry... languages... Life Quality... Psychology, Spirituality... management, transformation and conflict resolution
What I Can Share with Hosts

My availability to help, contact with friends, empathy, joy, good humor
Countries I’ve Visited

Argentina, Paraguay
Countries I’ve Lived In


Spoken languages

  • Portuguese (br) Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


know news friends. Films, Technologies, study...


Ficction, Psychology, Conscientiology, Peace Culture, Education


Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classic, Forro, Salsa


Neil, Contato, about Alex,

Organisations I belong to:

APEX internacional, CCCI, Conscientiology, Poliambulatório Uniamérica SCNSA, sos aldeias infantis, GERAR

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Argentina, Paraguay
Brasil: Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Mambucaba, Parati, Saquarema...

Planned trips:


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