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Bologna is the capital of Emilia Romagna, and a cultural capital of Europe, with its prestigious university founded in 1088, with more than 100000 enrolled students.

The medieval centre of Bologna is one of the biggest in Europe, the second after Venice, and it’s very well preserved. It’s appreciated for the narrow streets with the typical porticoes (almost 40 km), the ancient buildings and medieval towers, and the red color of the walls and roofs, made by brick, which create a warm atmosphere. There are no very famous monuments, but the entire city centre can be considered a monument as a whole.

In this town culture and entertainment live together. The nightlife is very lively, with hundreds of pubs, 14 theaters, 50 cinemas, and many cultural events. In 2006 Bologna has been appointed a UNESCO City of Music.

Last but not least you can’t miss the gastronomy of Bologna, that you can taste in all the restaurants and “trattorie", with the famous pasta: tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle and lasagne.

For all these reasons bologna has earned the nickname of “the red, the fat and the learned” (la rossa, la grassa, la dotta), given by Francesco Guccini, a local singer and song-writer.

Unknown to mass tourism, Bologna definitely deserves to be discovered, and its central position in the railway and motorway national network makes it quite easy. It’s very well connected to Florence (1 hour), Ravenna (1 hour), Ferrara (0,5 hour), Modena (0,5 hours), Parma (1 hour), Rimini (1,5 hour), Venice (2 hours), and Rome (3 hours).

The official site of Tourist Office:
For a virtual tour of the city:

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