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This group is for everyone who needs to be hosted in Moscow at the last-minute.
For guests:
1. Please, keep in mind, that this is a rescue tool, not the regular way of finding a couch.
2. Post only if you have less than 4 days before your supposed arrival.
3. The title of your post should contain date and month of your arrival and number of days you want to be hosted.
3. It often works perfectly when you explain why are you trying the last-minute.
4. It's often considered rude to ask your potential host to call you on non-Russian phone. Rather you should contact a person who is willing to help you.
4. If you have found a place to stay, please, update your post as soon as possible, so that other members will not spend their efforts in vain.
For hosts:
1. It is a good idea to give your direct contact information (like mobile number etc.) when you agree to host someone through this group.

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Tags If you want to be in the Emergency Hosts List - add your contacts here.
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