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BLACK SEA BEACH CAMP in Romania, 2008 - Sulina

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posted 2008/07/10 06:35    Visibility: World

Time came to organize an other meeting on the mysterious lands of “Dracula’s Country” :)) - this time we’re more interested in conquering the wild lands of the Danube Delta so bear with us through our amazing trip and camp in this brilliant reservation of nature where Cousteau set his foot to see and study the multitude of birds that nest here..

So be ready to pack your camera, some anti-mosquito weapons and swimming suits, sun lotion and also not to forget your tent - after all we will do some wild camping, ay que si, non?

Be welcome to join us!

site for this 3rd camp is:
*** ***

old site for the last 2 camps is:

Now, the 3rd edition of Black Sea Summer Camp 2008 will take place at Sulina / Danube Delta, between 22-24 August !!!

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