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BIG MEETING in PARIS on 4th March

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posted 2008/03/02 10:25    Visibility: World


HS + CS + Rahhala + BW Parisian members continue monthly meetings every first Tuesday of month..
You are WELCOME to join us on 4th of March from 7pm..
We expect around 150 persons join us..
This meeting organised by Rahhala gives a good opportunity to:

- Meet other CS Parisian members
- Meet HC Parisian members
- Meet Rahhala Parisian members
- Make new friends who share love for traveling
- Exchange ideas, information, hosting offers and demands, tips of where to go, experience, etc.
- Talk to and get information from the travelers
- Create a meeting that become a tradition for all members of HC, Couch Surfing and Rahhala as well
- And obviously, to have a nice night!

Same as February, we expect a lot of people coming. There we are going to have:
- Video projection (if you have a nice travel video, you’re welcome to bring it)
- Special gifts for the winners of our traditional travel Quiz.

Please confirm if you are coming (via email…),

The Adress :

Le BABEL CAFE - 109 Bd Ménilmontant 75011 Paris (Métro 2 : Ménilmontant) à partir de 19h00

Here Some mails I get after the previous meeting :
Hello Chokri,
Hope you are fine!
I just wanted to thank you and the other organizers of
the party this Tuesday. The atmosphere was great, many
many people I loved to get to know and I just hope to
join these kind of meetings more often.
Thank you merci merci merci :)
Merci pour la soirée d'hier à l'Oxyd Bar. Excellente
ambiance, avec des
participants chaleureux.

N'hésite pas à me tenir au courant des prochains Club
Member Meetings
Appolonia Star
Bravo Chokri. Really good job.

L'idée est excellente, la réalisation encore mieux,
sans parler des
Même le lieu, malgré son nom idiot, mérite un long
détour, quitte à se

prendre une averse tropicale, tout à fait dans
Attends-toi à un peu de promotion supplémentaire.

A bientôt.
Emmanuel Bastard
Thank you for the great event last night. I absolutely
enjoyed meeting so many cool people. I ended up
staying with a friend that lives in Paris, but thank
you again for the offer (it sounded like your place
was packed)

paix et amour,
Daniel Guerra

posted 2008/03/03 01:55    Visibility: World

Aîe Chokri, I'm very happy that you're bringing Parisian life here !

I won't come since in Venezuela, but trust that you'll see me at the next editions from September ;-) 

posted 2008/03/03 23:37    Visibility: World

So I'll start to look for bigger place :)

I expect 150 persons tomorrow ..

when U come, we will rent a stadium :)