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Info about Lapland

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posted 2007/11/04 14:56    Visibility: World

I'm planning a trip to swedish lapland and would like any kind of info available.
I don't want to visit trouristic tras like the ice hotel. I'd like to take a short journey by sledgedogs, so i think i'll need a guide or be part of a group of travellers.
can anyone help me?

posted 2007/11/06 10:32    Visibility: World



  I unfortunately know more about the Finnish side of Lapland. I play with sled dogs every winter. I know there is few places in Rovaniemi, but they are mosty hour trips. Multiple day safari is quite expensive. 

The only link I know of in Sweden is but I haven't been dealing with them at all.

For the longer traveling, you might want to wait for the spring when the dogs are more trained and the snow is harder.