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This group is the group of the volunteers who are helping the BeWelcome project.

You can join if you want to help us improve the network.

Please describe what you are doing or want to do for BeWelcome and try to keep it up to date.

Your membership will be confirmed as soon as Claudiaab or Matthias are able to get in contact with you.

Note: If you are not a BeWelcome Volunteer yet please learn here how to become a Volunteer.

ProfilelupochenWorking mostly on the website design at the moment.
Profiledaydreamer1969Ich bin hier bei BW freiwillger Helfer
ProfilejeanyvesI am a volunteer in bevolunteer I "work" there as a programmer and as a member of the Board
ProfilejungleroverDreams coming true - so much time and effort with all these fantastic people, and we are finally live...
Profilecoroait seems we're kicking off!
Profilethorgal67Because i'm putting in all my free time, neglecting my kids, my wife, my dog...
ProfilematthiasAt the moment i am searching for bugs, help with the design and take care of all incoming volunteer offers.
Profileneo82bw volunteers
Profileplayschoolto support Patrick ;)
Profileocal5At this moment to do as much of french translation & french support that I can !
ProfiletobixenI've signed up to help with system administration and software development. I've actually been trying hard for several years NOT to become involved as a HospitalityClub volunteer, but after several months of "sorry, temporary high load, please try to log in again later", I decided to offer my help - DB optimizations is one of my specialities. I sent email sto Jean Yves and Veit offering my help. I heard nothing from Veit, and Jean Yves wasn't involved with HC anymore. However, he introduced me to BW/BV, so here I am :-)
Profileplanetcruiser..because the future belongs to BeWelcome! :)
Profilesigurdastranslation volunteer
ProfilechmacI'm on the software development team and plan to mix it up a bit! :)
ProfilebrinerustleI translate to Esperanto
ProfilenoneseeUgh, I dunno why i keep having this membership on and off every time i just wanna click the sentence just to TRANSLATE it INTO INDONESIAn, as Im great full to be the part of the teamHugs
Profilekeldornhi im here cause i want to learn what other volunteers do for BW and similar to tht, i want to see what can i do ..
gotoI would like to help develop this project as much as possible. I have a strong experience in testing and localizing, as well as web design and programming...
Profileetiennediorj'aime la philosophie de bewelcome ,de rapprocher les gens d'horizon divers pour la paix et des echanges ,j'aimerais contribuer au niveau local au rayonnement de cette initiative ,et faire connaitre au maximum de personnes ce concept ,rencontrer des voyageurs venu d'ailleurs ,se faire pleins d'amis decouvrir d'autres cultures,je souhaites aussi accueillir dans mon pays un maximum d'etrangers pour leurs faire decouvrir notre riche culture.
ProfilesitaraneI'm the slave of the community
taghazoutPart of it
elfpavlikI live strictly moneyless for over 3.5 year now. I would like to help projects to remove dependency on money and move towards direct community support...
mrpani was volunteer in HC and ambassador in CS
FalkoI want to help improve BeWelcome, promote it and make it all in all a better experience.\r\nI offer my time for this, please tell me how I can help making this aweome project grow!
nickandlainaI'd like to be a bigger part in this project!
oxoxbyxwanna be one in it
mugrubisupporting volunteering
thomasgold84Eager to help BeWelcome develop further
vandanajjI want to volunteer too.
ProfileleopoldrDo my best? Greet new members?
sammiekongmaybe i can help
davedvHoping to contribute to BW
Profilew123Want to help of course !!!
hamarynsI translate to Dutch.
LionelScheepmansBecause I've just starting with OTRS management and I would like to keep information about what's happen in the voluntary staff in general.
SamueleI could help with the local group and greeting new members.
YaraI'd love to be a local bewelcome volunteer and help bewelcome in every possible way!
HaikuI'm coordinating the effort to develop the future website of BW.
YepkioI want to participate
jeanne1846I want to help our community! =)

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