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Just Joined BeWelcome

written by velomad - 2007/08/09 00:14

Stumbled across BeWelcome by accident yesterday. Immediately joined (of course!) but rather concerned about the negative entry wiki re HC and the reasons for BeWelcome's creation ( We're Ambassadors for HC and think it's fantastic (although it has seemed to have a lot of technical prob's recently) so disappointed to hear there is so much negative feeling here towards it.

It's the members who make any club or organisation what it really is. Many Hc'ers joined CS when it started - which in some ways is an improvement on HC (and certainly pushed HC into expanding it's layout options etc) but overall we still think HC members have a better spirit.

Do we need another hospitality community? Afterall apart from the 2 biggies HC/CS there's also have GlobalFreeloaders/Stay4free (Travelhoo and Place2Stay seem to be offlineat the moment - not sure if it's permanent or a feature of the Great Firewall of China).

None of them are perfect - if BeWelcome is aiming to achieve something better then we certainly want to be part of it. 




bewelcome vs HC, CS

written by jsacks - decade_ago (i)

thanks for joining. The reason you see some negative comments about HC is because of the negative experiences many people have had on HC. However, keep in mind that BeW is here to cooperate with other Hospitality sites and not be in competition.

We do plan to achieve something better than both HC and CS. But this will not be measured in terms of number of members but rather in the quality of relationships created through the site.

We also hope that since our website is open and transparent (including open source), other HospEx website will be able to improve their service.

In short, BeW will be different because it (a) will have a fair, participatory governance structure that respects its volunteers and (b) the best quality real-life relationships and connections.

Hope you can help!

BeWelcome - more than just another hospex network.

written by kiwiflave - decade_ago (i)
A warm welcome to this project!!

You 2 might remember me as ambassadors and media coordinator of HC (I am no longer volunteering for those positions in HC). I think you are right, the wiki text is written very emotionally but this is because there have been heavy emotions involved. Right now we are just too busy to re-write it in a more neutral wiki style. In the meanwhile have a look around here, you will see many changes in the next months and if you are interested in helping as volunteers - just contact me or any other volunteer or team coordinator :-)

Sunny greetings from Barcelona!

Florian (kiwiflave)

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