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MA thesis about Hospitality Exchange Networks

written by thorgal67 - 2014/07/10 09:41

Member Simontour has submitted his Master's thesis at the Uppsala University (Sweden) on the subject of Hospitality Exchange Networks. In particular he highlights the struggle between Commodification and Commons.

If you are interested in the way different networks approach the idea of "sharing", you will probably enjoy reading Simon Schöpf's 124-page analysis. A direct download can be found at

The thesis is published under a Creative Commons share-a-like license so feel free to pass it on if you deem it appropriate. I'm sure Simon would appreciate constructive feedback, so don't hesitate to contact him.




written by Josh_Holler - 5 years ago (i)
I wish a little bit that i would not leave tomorrow, then I would have the time to read this. The introduction made me very curious :)

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