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Vote about BeWelcome's decision making process

written by thorgal67 - 2013/07/02 10:53

BeWelcome aspires to be a democratic hospitality network which means that decisions about the course of the community should be taken by its members.

During the first years of BeWelcome's existence decision making was very simple: Only a few members gave any input and decisions were taken without any formalized procedures. As more and more members joined the debates and gave their input, the need for a formalized decision making process became apparent and a process was defined in 2012: Decision Making Process for BeWelcome

After using this process for some months, members of the community discussed and analyzed its strengths and shortcomings and came up with an alternative proposal: Proposal for a new Decision Making Process

This is what we ask you to vote about today.

Please take a few minutes to read the descriptions of both the current decision making process and the alternative proposal. Taking time to inform yourself about this crucial topic should take less than 20 minutes after which you are warmly invited to vote about how decisions should be taken in your hospitality community from now on.

You can cast your vote here: The ballot is open until 17th July 2013 08:00 UTC.

You may still join or continue the discussion about the decision making process while the ballot is open:

Please note that while the vote takes place on BeWelcome, the same vote will be held among the active members of BeVolunteer (the association that runs BeWelcome) and another one among the Board of Directors of BeVolunteer. The decision will only be valid if all three votes (BeWelcome members, BeVolunteer members, and Board of Directors) have the same outcome.

Thank you for your participation!

For the BeWelcome community,
Frank van den Block (thorgal67) on behalf of the Board of Directors



written by polyglot - 6 years ago (i)
Great work well explained: the note that was sent out, the wiki, and the voting process itself. All the effort and time put into it has paid off. Big thanks to all who have contributed!

written by OctoberTales - 6 years ago (i)
I think this same post should be made in the BeWelcome forum, and change to sticky post. The discussion thread should be unsticked as there's the link to the discussion in there.

erst Dikussion, dann Entscheidung

written by sebastian123 - 6 years ago (i)
ich freue mich, daß hier über Veränderungen erst diskutiert wird, bevor etwas Wesentliches verändert wird.


written by guillermo742 - 6 years ago (i)
deacuerdo _D

written by kiwiflave - 6 years ago (i)
This is awesome. Good work well done!


written by Nepalmountain - 6 years ago (i)
Well done.

It's a good start making BW a better community :)

written by kojo - 6 years ago (i)
Well done! I trust your idea...

Good idea, but

written by Meelis - 6 years ago (i)
BeVolunteer and BoD votes should NOT withhold the BW result. As I would do, BV & BW votes would be pooled. I understand that BoD vetorite might be a good idea for time being, but in the long run it is cumbersome. Speaks me, hailing from an unicameral republic. And not even had read the concurrent proposals. Thnax

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