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BeWelcome and SeekTheDuck

written by thorgal67 - 2013/05/14 14:26

Big BW event in Toulouse, France! Read all about it!

In the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly saying goodbye to spring and welcoming summer. That is probably the reason why the people from Toulouse, France are inviting us to join them during the SeekTheDuck event: a BeWelcome meeting hosted by a duck mascot that will take place between May 31and June 2 2013

There are lots of events on the agenda: discovering Toulouse’s many bars, a workshop creating/painting mölkky, local winetasting, a huge barbecue, walks and bicycle rides, Seek The Hidden Wine Bottles and much more (including Easter omelettes BBQ-style)

The event is open, free and the local population are looking forward to hosting you

You can register and find the complete programme here: SeekTheDuck Activity Planner

And while you’re at it, why don’t you join the Event Group: Seek The Duck - BW Toulouse Event

Toulouse is waiting for you!



written by Cyborg - 6 years ago (i)
won't be able to make it so... post pics please!!!!!!!!


written by Outang - 6 years ago (i)

Some picts will be post, some not....Everything happened in Toulouse stay in Toulouse ;)

We'll try to update this event as often as possible

Seek The Duck : The complete program

written by SeekTheDuck - 6 years ago (i)
You will find the complete program and the pdf program leaflet on my profil !

See you little ducks :) !

written by Outang - 6 years ago (i)
The program is also downloadable here :

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