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The age of stupid - a movie worth to watch

written by kiwiflave - 2010/01/14 15:04
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Climate change everywhere. In the news, and increasingly also directly affecting us. Devastating earthquake in Haiti - making one of the poorest countries in the world an even more desperate place to live in. Is climate change to blame? Will later generations remember us as those of the "age of stupid"? The - not so new anymore - movie with the same title offers a glimpse in what might be in the not too distant future. The human race extinguised, the last one to switch off the light, sending the whole misery of human kind history into the orbit - for others to learn from it.

Agreed, the movie (check here for the official trailer), takes a very pessimistic, doom day approach. But there is certainly some truth in it. At least we won't be able to say we didn't know ...

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