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FEST Belgrade

written by joostvb - 2012/01/29 21:04
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Looking forward to attending FEST filmfestival belgrade, 24. фебруар - 4. март 2012, Међународни филмски фестивал, http://www.fest.rs/ 

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Some Allegory

written by LucaRotatori - 2011/09/12 10:32


I was enchanted when I first saw Walt Disney's "Pinocchio". I thought it was one of the best animated films ever made, but my Uncle Gianni, ever the film critic, dismissed it; he repeatedly pointed out that the cartoon - that was how he called the Disney version - was far from the novel. He added that Carlo Collodi, the author, have written the greatest Italian novel. Proof was that it took him a few years to release the novel through serials. That was no rushessay, which was proof that what Signore Collodi have written have all the features of a classic. If only he could foresaw how his novel would made an impact on the succeeding generations of readers, my uncle mused.

It was a decade later when I finally read Collodi's book. I agree with my uncle: It was one of the finest novels in children's literature. However, I still believe that Walt Disney's film adaptation isn't bad at all. In fact, if not for that movie, I wouldn't have an idea about the novel's existence.

There's no doubt that the plot runs like a fairy tale, but it's not difficult to discern that Pinocchio the book is an issue between the need to conform and individuality (or transgressive creativity, as my uncle puts it). Although the wooden puppet is portrayed as naughty and disobedient, his good heart keeps him from further trouble. I'll leave it to literary experts from custom essay writing service to figure out how the setting reflects Italian society of the 19th century, but readers don't need to take "Pinocchio" seriously; after all, it's a children's book.


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Plastic here, plastic there, plastic everywhere

written by kiwiflave - 2010/02/24 09:58
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Are you as fed up by all the plastic surrounding us as I am? Then you might like (or already have heard of) the documentary film Plastic Planet:  an Austrian-German film co-produced by Neue Sentimental Film Entertainment GmbH in Vienna (the lead producer: Thomas Bogner) and the Fire Storm Entertainment AG in Frankfurt (Producer: Daniel Zuta).

I wrote a little introductory article about it at my blog on sustainability, csr and climate change

What about you? Are you a plastic fan or plastic foe?

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The 2nd Day

written by polarfox - 2008/09/11 01:06
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Copenhagen: Beers, Indiana Jones and strange film industry

Dan, my friend in Copenhagen, had already told us that we wouldn't be alone in his flat. His friend, Stefan Ciupek, from school days in Berlin, had announced his presence. While Dan aims to become an editor in the film buisness, Stefan's
goal is to be the cinematographer, aka cameraman, of a big production. He already got quite far. He was the camera supervisor, Editor and Digital colourist on "Russian Ark" and the technical camera supervisor on "Trip to Asia". The prior,
is the first full length film that was recorded in a single consecutive shot. That means 99 minutes without a break. 99 minutes of extreme concentration for about 20 actors, 50 crew members, 3 orchestras and about 2000 supernumeraries. It worked out with the second take. Our host Dan, for his part, normally works as an assistant editor. His first full length film in this position was the animated porn "Princess".
We thought, we were at the right spot, with the best company.

As the first day past in the nicest sunshine, we had a first beer in the touristic area of the old port of Copenhagen. With a soft smile on our faces we approached the city symbol, the Little Mermaid on her stone. She wasn't that little in fact, even though Dan found her to be too small and not worth visiting but rather disapointing.
Our next destination was the canteen of the local broadcasting station. Dan's girlfriend had a job there and could provide us with tons of delicious food for free. We even got hold of some fresh sushi from a group of film makers that had just finished their meeting at the same place.

Sufficiently stuffed, Stefan began to tell us about the background story of a new film that an aquainted director was planning to produce. The story went as follows:

Two young woman had went on holidays on a Spanish party island. They spent their last evening in a disco. One of them starts dancing and flirting with a handsome young local, while the other gets more and more bored having her boyfriend at home in her mind. At a later point she tries to convince her friend to go home and repare the bags for the travel home. Of course the admired one denies. She wants to stay longer and enjoy her small adventure until the end. So half an hour later the other one tries again and after some trouble they finally agree to go home but ot without exchanging the number with her new lover and upcoming boyfriend. Yes, they even had plans to meet again.
   A week later, back home in Denmark, our dancing queen develops some strange rash in the area of her mouth. Her family doctor couldn't find any reason after applying all possible tests to his service. He sent her to the hospital and after some more
tests the chief physician approaches her. He asked if she might remember where she could have possibly obtained the rash. She shoock her head in cluelessness. The doctor explains that the rash she has, normally only occurs on corpse, dead people. She shreeked. If she might remember persons she had kissed
recently? She shreeked again.
Police was informed immidiately and with the help of the telephone number of her Spanish lover, Interpole could finally arrest a wanted nihilistic serial murderer. They found two corpses in his cellar that where recently abused.

Stefan told us even more stories of this kind (write comments, if you want to hear them). The evening ended up with a refreshingly stupid fourth part of Indiana Jones. A film that Dan and Stefan had waited for so long.

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