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written by nanocebrian - 2014/11/01 03:10
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Visiting London from 11-dec-2014 to 16-dec-2014

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Just getting started!

written by lindes - 2013/03/28 19:15
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Ooh, there's a blog feature here.  For this and other reasons, I'm already thinking that I could get to really enjoy BeWelcome.  Here's hoping it pans out that way.

So, I'm just getting started on this site, after about a year and a half (about 6 months of that quite active) on... that other site, you know, with the C and the S.  (I haven't yet figured out if it's OK to talk about that site here... I've heard stories about it being problematic to talk about this one on there, though, so I'm erring on the side of caution, for the moment, much as I'm a fan of open communication.)

Anyway, I like to write... so, watch out.  There may well be words coming your way on this little blog.  Then again, I'm also often busy with other things, so... we'll see what happens!

Anyway, thank you for reading.  :)

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