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blog for traveling artists!

written by birdie - 2014/01/26 16:33



I started this blog with the intention of forming a community for sharing inspiration among traveling artists. I’d love for other artists to submit a work of art with short description of where it was created! It can be difficult to keep up studio practices while traveling, and inspiration can be overwhelming. This blog is about those moments when you take time to process where you are physically, mentally, artistically.

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my website

written by guilaumus - 2013/07/04 16:39
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my new website:
Mon nouveau site: http://naturemontagne.wordpress.com/

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thats not my blog

written by Joshu - 2013/05/19 19:21
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Well, thats not my Blog. You can find my blog here: trivialisblog.wordpress.com

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written by HollyHaLim - 2012/12/28 02:05

Four more days till my world is flipped upside down… again. My life has been a headache of problems for the last year. I’ve asked, begged, and pleaded anyone and everyone willing to help me. No one really wants to help you, especially when you really need it.  So my last ditch effort was to call my dad.  I haven’t spoken to my father in 6 years. Some serious family drama went down and I promised him that I would never speak to him again. (I was 16) So I did the impossible, I threw away my pride and asked him for a business loan, I used all the tools, weapons, arson in my marketing & business books and told him how he would benefit to invest in his genius, boundary pushing, fashion forward daughter. And then he went on to tell me (true to his nature) that he was going to be selfish and continue to invest all that he had in his company. fail. Next, I called my mom, “Mom, we’re 15 days past due in rent, they’re going to evict us.”           

Mom-“ No, I don’t care, ask your girlfriend’s family to help” my mom knows that Holly doesn’t really have family. She has an elderly grandmother, and an aunt. Family is blood but nothing is stronger than money. ( so I learned ) I again asked, begged, manipulated, and this time convinced my mother to give me support telling her that this was fail proof. Her rebuttal was a $5,000 bribe. “I’ll give you this money, but I’m giving you this money to move home, and Holly isn’t invited.” She is paying me to break up with my sick girlfriend.

So I took her lemons and bought a video camera, paid for December’s rent, and we’re going on an adventure. We’re documenting our lives, showing the world what it’s like to live without family, support, security all for love. We’ll be children of the universe,  coming to a town near you. Being modern, gay gypsies, reading tarot, giving makeovers (fashion/hair/possibly makeup) and starting my online retail company.  My girlfriend has been fatally ill for the last year, in bed everyday because she’s been so sick. That’s not how she is spending the rest of her life. Starting January 1. Perfect for the new year.

So friends, wish me luck, my next journey is without fail, my most exciting. You’ll see me around town in about a year if it doesn’t work out, but don’t bank on it. Holly and I are making waves, movin and a shakin, changing our stars, or whatever you want to call it. We’re doing it.

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I'm facing a 3 day ban, but I think it is nothing as compared to Tim's ban for 1 long Year

written by unique_indian - 2012/11/16 17:15
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I'm facing a 3 day ban, but I think it is nothing as compared to Tim's ban for 1 long Year.


The problem is you are not given any say, before imposing a ban of any kind on you. If a person posts positively on open forums, but the ones who are in command of the management/website/community takes a dig on you and be sarcastic on your post and try to provoke you, how can you be held responsible for that...aren't those guys responsible for the problems/troubles created on that post where they did all kinds of mischiefs?

Shouldn't those be banned, instead of banning a person who didn't start it but has been a victim of those culprits??


Why does world run on negative principles? Why a victim is blamed and termed as a culprit? Is it a victim's fault that others don't like him and/or like to torment him for any reason/s??

It is like saying to a girl after she gets harrassed that since you look beautiful, you were harrassed. Is her beauty her fault? Isn't the culprits intention wrong and should be blamed??


I find it really hard to understand the thinking and acting pattern of the world/society/management/administration etc.


It is for sure..a Food For Thought..at least for the good and genuine people.

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