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Sagrada Familia!!

written by Cecifish - 2013/02/19 13:26
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Wanna see some architecture from Gaudi! ;)

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The capital - Visiting Sevilla

written by lupochen - 2008/09/22 18:08
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When we arrived in Sevilla, we didn't really know what we would find. Some told us Sevilla would be a big crowded city, not beautiful and not comparable to other nicer spots in Andalucía.

We can't support that view. Sevilla happened to be a lovely place to us. Starting with Begoña, our host for one night, we felt invited and overall surprised by the relaxed atmosphere in the biggest city of Spain's south.Prices of attractions in Sevilla seemed in general more affordable than in other places like Granada or Cordoba. And thanks to our host, we could enjoy even a nice vegan meal in a hidden restaurant in the center of the city. Just next time, I'd love to see the Isla Magica, an old entertainment parc that passed its glorious times already. Andreas (lemonhead) gave us the advice to go there but that didn't work out in the end.

All in all, we're hoping to get back to Sevilla soon!

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